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Zigbee Driver
Maybe MQTT isnÔÇÖt so useful to CQC then.

I really just came by to brush up my awareness of CQC. I have a licence but never become as familiar with the product as I intended due to the usual lack of time issues. Was just considering my options going forward.
I may still do it. Enough folks have been asking for it, and after having read the the protocol docs, it doesn't seem that difficult to implement the actual client side protocol.

It's more a matter of how much of pain it's going to be to actually support the devices. I can't believe they did all that and didn't even come up with any standardization for common types of devices. It makes no sense to me.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The Homie 3 initiative is trying to address exactly this but it's only just released so awaiting adoption - but I think it will happen

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