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Size of IV Client
I have not kept up with the betas much lately but just decided to try out 5.3.925 upgrading from 5.2.10. This has probably been talked about during the beta process but I could not find it.

When I open and Interface Template Viewer on my computer it is now about 1/4 the size that it was. Is there a new scaling factor at work? Is there a line item switch I need to use to increase the size of the Viewer?

George M
Same computer as before? Meaning, it's not a screen resolution thing?
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One thing we did was to enable 'High DPI' support in our programs. So if what you mean is not that the template itself has changed size, but that the menus and title bar and other bits of the actual IV program have changed size, that could be because of scaling and DPI settings you have. But, mostly, the result of High DPI support is that things DON'T get too small when you have high resolution displays, it lets them sale correctly for the higher pixel density.

But, either way, the actual templates themselves are fixed size. You draw them to a particular width/height and they are always drawn that way, the IV never scales them. The WebRIVA client can scale them, and you can control that. But the IV draws them as is.

So I guess the question is, what do you mean exactly by 1/4 the size? Maybe get a screen shot if that helps get the point across.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes same computer. 
I can get a screen shot of the way it is now, but not how is was.
I do have a high DPI screen computer

Previously the the viewer covered the entire black area.

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George M
Hmmm... Unfortunately there's no quick workaround I can give you to stop it from doing that while we figure this out. High DPI stuff is compiled into program via manifest file when it is built. So we can't turn it off with a switch or anything.

I'm guessing that the OS was lying to you before and actually scaling the contents. Just as a sanity check, do something like open up Paint and create a colored rectantangle the same pixel width and height of that template. Is that the same visible size as the template or is it the visible size of the black area?

If it's the same size as the template, then it has to be that the OS was just scaling the contents before, so you thought you were making it WxH in size, but actually in pixels it was a lot less than that. Now that high DPI is enabled, it's not being scaled and you are seeing it in its actual pixel size.

If it's the same size as the black area, then something a lot stranger is going on. Oh, and you should also compare against it in the designer as well, to make sure that it is consistently sized in all cases (or not.)

One thing you could do in the meantime is use the template scaling stuff to create a scaled version. But, that requires that you have used relative template paths in any links to load other templates. That's not hard these days, since the template selection dialog lets you indicate what you want. But if you have a lot of existing links that aren't you'd have to go through them. It would be a useful thing to do I think anyway, since it does open you up for things like scaling, or just copying and pasting the whole top level directory to another directory and working on changes offline before you commit to them. When you use relative paths, you can move the whole thing and the links still refer to the same templates.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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