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Is there a Thermostat that CQC can have two way schedule communication?
While CQC can have its own schedule saved and send that info to the thermostat, are there any thermostats out there that any schedule CQC sets would be written back to the thermostat directly, and any changes at the thermostat of the schedule will be reflected in the CQC UI?

Thank you
Not really. Schedule stuff tends to be sort of product specific, so we couldn't deal with it generically. It could be exposed via non-V2 or a query or something, but that's not currently the case with any of them I don't think. But you'd have to probably change your interface for each product, since how they work would be different.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thats what was I was afraid of. I guess I will do some research to find a thermostat that will give off that info and see if it is worth doing any more tighter integration.

Thank you
I posted a question on Reddit to see the responses. So someone mentioned that Netatmo thermostat should be able to work.
Another user mentioned that he never uses the schedule, rather he uses his HA system to take care of it. But another user (a thermostat engineer) posted why that would be a bad idea, and reading his response, it actually makes sense. Based off of that, I see a benefit in CQC being able to read/write to a shared schedule, but it may not be worth the headache as it's not V2 compatible. His response was:


Thermostat firm/software engineer here (former life) and that's defeating the purpose of just about everything I did! Hear me out.

Let's take an Ecobee for an example (not what I worked on, but it's easier to use here as it's what I use today as well). If I setup a schedule that says when I'll be home and what temp to have the house at, the thermostat can look at the current time, current weather, current home conditions (temperature and humidity) and calculate when to start heating/cooling the home in order to reach the appropriate temperature by the time I get home.

On some days, that's shorter than my commute so a simple "I left work" notice would work. On other days, the house is likely 10┬║F (~5┬║C at the range we're talking about) hotter than my desired temperature and the outside temp is hotter still, so my house may take twice as long to cool down by the time I get home, so the thermostat would start to cool before I left work in order to meet the schedule.

Also, those comfort settings include which rooms should be paid attention to and which should be ignored. When Away, you can pick one big room and keep the place a mostly-even temperature but for Home or Sleep pick the living room or bedrooms as appropriate so you're saving even more energy.

There are some edge cases where HA can come in really handy, though. Let's say I've saved these comfort settings into the thermostat: Home, Away, Sleep. If I decide to never leave the house on a day I was scheduled to, then HA can tell the thermostat to switch comfort settings to Home if it notices Away is selected. Likewise, if I'm gone for over an hour and it sees that Home is selected, it can pick Away (so can their mobile app's geofencing -- but only if every adult in the home uses it).

There's a place for it, but by overriding the schedule entirely all the time you lose a large part of the energy savings and comfort balance that goes into the firmware and software that make up those smart thermostats. At that point you'd be better off with a straight Z-Wave thermostat and Z-Wave room sensors, and re-creating all the stuff we thermostat coders did in the device, but in Node Red or a Home Assistant appdaemon or something.
Thank you
That's not an unreasonable answer. Of course you COULD implement something as fancy as you want, and also take into account information the thermostat doesn't have, such as other sensors, weather data feed, today's forecast info, and so forth. But it would take some significant effort.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
You also have to consider if a 10 degree swing in temp is actually energy saving or not. In other words, is it better to A) not use the HVAC during the day which lets the house temp swing a huge amount, and then have to run the HVAC constantly for a long period of time to bring the temps back into the desired range, or B) keep the home temps in a much tighter range which will require the use of the HVAC system throughout the day, but never for a prolonged period of time.

Part of this depends on how well the house is insulated and can retain the desired temps and part of this depends on how energy efficient the actual HVAC system is. So there is no "right" answer that works for everyone.

Personally we use the alarm system to change the set points of the HVAC system. So while we are home it is one temp, at night it gets set another temp (usually 2-3 degrees different with CQC automatically resetting the temp back to normal shortly before we get up in the morning), if we are away it is another temp (2-3 degrees different - like night mode but without the auto reset) or away on vacation (which has a large temp variation). We've decided that it is actually cheaper to keep the house within a few degrees of the desired temps unless we are on vacation. This prevents the HVAC from having to run for long periods of time each day to "recover" the desired temps.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
The RCS RS-485 driver that updated by jscheller on post #55 here:  RCS Driver apparently will do that.  It's an old driver and I am not sure if it ever made it into CQC System drivers.  I do use the driver but do not use the scheduling part of it.

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