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What products would give the best experience working with CQC?
I am trying to put together what would be the "best experience" equipment to use with CQC to get you the most control and capabilities and with the best integrations. Also that we can get the most data out of
Any input would most be appreciated.

Here is what I have so far if I am making a mistake please let me know
Intrusion - ELK
Sensors for the door, windows, etc ... (to trigger events) - ELK
Lighting - Lutron RA2
Occupancy Sensor/Ambient light sensor - Lutron??
HVAC - I know NEST is good but is a different thermostat better? Maybe one that can get readings also of the temperature of each room
Wired lock - ELK Relay
Weather - OpenWeatherMap (seems like our only choice for now)
Physical buttons to trigger events and rules - Lutron RA2

Media Repository - ?
Multizone audio amp - ?
Audio Switcher (or will this fall under the multizone repository)?
Something to send video out to multiple destinations and can mix and match -?
Any integration with a PVR (tivo style device) -?
TVs - ?

Voice control - ?
Any appliance (oven, fridge) Integration?
Door Bell?
Controllable power outlets?
Irrigation -?
Pool/Jacuzzi - ?
Power usage monitoring?
Color Changing LED lights and LED strips?
Temporarily give someone remote access into your house?
Wireless lock -

Anything else?

Thank you

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What products would give the best experience working with CQC? - by ghurty - 01-01-2019, 04:13 PM

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