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Going from Zwave to Lutron, worth it and what to do about the lock?
I did this swap a couple of years ago. Had Leviton Vizia RF+ and while they were 99 percent rock solid on activating when sent commands their status updates were not very robust and it drove me crazy. I had almost 30 devices including a Yale Lock. I noticed lots of lag using the Vizia RF+ interface it was really slow so switched over to RadioRa2 and it is perfect. Pricey but perfect. Still have the lock and a couple of zwave outlets since for some reason Lutron does not make any Radio Ra2 outlets.

My only complaint is that as a homeowner and not a pro like ghurty I can't get the Inclusive software only the essential software. I would be willing to take the training but there never is any training near me that is convenient. There are a few cool items that only work with the inclusive software.

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RE: Going from Zwave to Lutron, worth it and what to do about the lock? - by dogman - 12-29-2018, 10:55 AM

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