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Forum subscribed thread e-mail sucks...
Hey just a forum rant here.

I subscribe to a few threads, and when there is new activity I get an e-mail which contains 24 lines of bogus boiler plate crap and a 1 line "excerpt of the message".  Actually it is only half a line with the second half of the line more boiler plate crap (visit the thread to read more..).

It would be nice to get a bigger excerpt.  The entire reply would be best.  Also maybe cut the boiler plate stuff in half...
I also dislike the policy of no further replies until you visit the thread again.  Please keep sending me mail to keep me up on the thread activity.  Currently the excerpt it so lame you have to visit the board to see what the heck happened!  Argh...

Rant off.  Thanks -- Bob
I'm on a few different websites, this is the way it works on many of them.
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That's something that the BBS software does. Maybe it's changeable but with these PHP based forum packages, making those types of changes is always way overly complex and scary, and might require lots of tweaking in subsequent upgrades, so I'm very loath to mess with it.
Dean Roddey
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