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The subscription queue was full, msg dropped
Hi Dean,

I have been watching my Master Server logs a lot lately hoping to catch the tray monitor crash.  That hasn't happened yet but I am seeing this subscription queue was full, msg dropped error once in a while but repeated over and over.  I think it is corresponding with the IV on a different PC freezing up and becoming unresponsive.  Every now and again I had noticed the IV freezing and I'd just reboot the IV's virtual PC and all would be well for a while.

I should note that once the error appears I can restart the IV and it works again for about 24hrs.  The reboot fixes it for weeks if not months.  This also usually corresponded with the tray monitor crash..but not this time.  It almost feels like a resource issue on the PC, but the numbers don't indicate that from what I see.

Any idea here?  CQC issue, windows issue?  Mem usage is 1.9GB / 3GB on the IV CPU at 25% (although that was after restarting the IV).  About the same on the Master Server.  I'll try and note it when it actually freezes up.

log attached.
Can you get the actual log message and any other stuff in the general time frame? It would depend on what subscription queue as to whether it's important. The most likely one is the incoming event trigger subscription. When events come in, they published to a publish/subscribe topic that any code in the program can subscribe to and react to.

I'm guess that's the one, but would be important to know that for sure. That guy should be getting monitored all the time and new triggers processed. So, either it's not, or some quite substantial 'storm' of triggers is occurring and filling it up.

I'll also check again the code that handles that situation to make sure nothing is going wrong there. Worst case if we did get a storm it should just overflow the queue, you'd get an error or some errors to that effect, then as long as the condition didn't continue, it would get happy again, though triggers would have been missed.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, You mean from the log viewer itself right?

CQC-Client1 CQCIntfView 975 11/02 17:30:12 The Subscription queue wAS FULL, MSG DROPPED
tHREAD: CQCKitReceiverThread
ERROR iDS: 0/0/0
Ooops sorry, had caps lock on.

Just before all that started:
GetResp:Timeout waiting for a response
(I think this is because Google killed my login for gmail though)

There is also the occasional: Not Legal while external process running
Main Thread

Let me know if anything else I can get.
OK, maybe the above is not related to the IV becoming unresponsive. Happened again this AM but there's really nothing in the logs.
Don't try to copy it by hand, get the original stuff. If you are doing it via the log browsing tab you can copy the currently display text and paste that. If using the command line one, just redirect to a file and post the file:

cidlogadmin > log.txt
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ahh OK.  I see the issue now.  I had thought I had done that already and attached but looks like it didn't work on my first post. I forgot to hit add after choosing a file. Sorry about that.  Trying again.

Attached Files
.txt   subscriptioqueue.Txt (Size: 127.03 KB / Downloads: 1)
OK, a few things...

One is that it looks like maybe there's an issue with VLC on that machine and the little helper program that it runs to host web camera windows is getting hung up. It doesn't close down so when you try to open another it fails. If it gets like that again, go to some screen that has no web cameras on it, so there should be no active web camera helpers, and see if you see any CQCWCHelper.exe processes in the task list. If so, they are stuck somehow. If you kill it, does that make the IV happy again? They seem to be associated with the Upper_Toolbar_Zoneminder widget it would appear. What is that guy?

It might be worth refreshing VLC with the latest version just to make sure it's not gotten whacked by recent Windows updates or some such.

You should pause the pop driver until you fix the mail account issue, since it's just logging lots of useless msgs that will push out useful stuff when you want to go back and find it.

The queue getting backed up is the event trigger queue. I don't know if that is a separate issue, or the above issue with the web cam helper is locking it up and so it's just not able to process the queue and it starts filling up. I'm guessing initially it's the latter scenario until proven otherwise I think.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, makes sense. Looks like I don't really have any screens without the camera screens loaded.  I can make one to test with.  I have a small scrollbar on the top of my screen that is always loaded and has 2 VLC widgets within it. (the top part of the screen in the first picture here ) I don't see any runaway web helpers at the moment but will look next time it hangs.  Seems it's an over night thing so maybe an event I have running in the wee hours is causing it.  Screen powering off or on or something like that.

I updated VLC so we'll see if that helps and killed the POP3 driver for now.
It may be just that it's always there. It might be worth just putting a button there that can pop up those cameras when you want to see them. Running them 24x7 will mean that even a slight issue with leakage of resources in VLC or the media codecs its using will add up fast.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, no freeze up this AM. I changed it so I don't have a security cam feed 24x7 and updated VLC so one of those two things made a difference. I will add the cam back in and see what happens.

I hear you about not having it display all the time, but that's probably the biggest selling feature with the family so hesitate to make it so you have to press a button. Seems trivial but when the doorbell goes and you have to push a button that takes approx. 5 or so seconds to get a camera loaded it's not so user friendly.

I think you had the VLC helper it resetting itself every 15min or something to help though right? or am I recalling that wrong. Ideally I would make it so when motion is detected outside (or maybe near my main screen inside) that it automatically activates those 2 little camera windows. I suspect there is no way to do that currently based on events in the template and targeting the camera widget though. Any ideas or possible to add?

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