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Unhandled system exception in GUI Thread
After months.. maybe years of not touching my CQC server/Clients OS I have reluctantly decided to get all the outstanding Win10 updates.  Now I seem to be having some issues with CQC.  Client is on Win 10 1803 now and Server 1607 and holding.  

After the IV runs for a little while it throws the above error message as in the subject.  Pressing any buttons on the IV after clearing the error throws a new error: IV Click Handler - The action thread could not be stopped! It's recommenced to restart to be safe... Now, If I try to load different overlays/press buttons about 5 or 6 times after clearing the error each time, sometimes the IV starts working normal again for a while the the error comes back. I just found a new error now too aftre playing around - The server at ::1::50416 has closed the connection. Can't write from TCQCWBHelperClientProxy proxy. (Was on a cameras screen when that came up) and do see it in the logs.  After clearing the IV works again for the moment.

I don't see anything obvious in the logs and only updated windows with no CQC changes.  I did have to add my server name to the hosts file as some had reported with the 1803 updates.  Could it be related to that somehow?

I'm on CQC 5.2.11 and a bit reluctant to upgrade to the latest version as I don't have as much time right now for hobbies...unless it addresses this specifically I guess.

I see some references to this error in other 5.x beta threads but the context seems different.  What would be the recommendation to try and correct this error?  Re-install same ver? or is there something known about this that I didn't find?  Looking for some guidance, thanks.
So you were already on Windows 10, right? On a general note, you may have some issues if you mix 1803 with non-1803, since it makes a fundamental change in networking.

That particular error is related to the web browser helper program. We don't host wrapped web browser engines inside the IV anymore since it causes issues, it's run via a separate program that the IV manages. Do you only have issues if a web browser widget gets displayed?

It's unlikely to be networking related since it is a purely local thing, i.e. the IV is just talking to it locally. You can see from the IPV6 address it's just a local loopback connection, not even going out to the network. Do you actually ever see web camera content displayed before it hoses?

Can you move the IV around and have the web widget move correctly around with it? If so, then the IV is talking to the helper.

One difference could be the default IE emulation level went up. You can force that in the registry to whatever version you want.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yep, already on win10 on both machines (VM's by the way, but doubt that matters).

I'd have to change my templates to test if the error goes away without the camera widgets (the widget Uses VLC I think right?) Maybe I can do a quick test later to rule that out. The camera images do display just fine though. Perhaps the camera thing is a red herring, not sure. I'll remove it to rule out and go from there.

Yeah, I was wondering if 2 differing win10 versions could be an issue. For some reason the server is not getting 1803 or I'd bump it up to try... I'll look at that too and report back.
You aren't using the web camera widget, you are using the web browser widget. Or at least you have one somewhere in there since the CQCWBHelper one is the web browser helper. The CQCWCHelper one is the web camera widget. If you can use the camera widget, I'd argue for that, since it's one big fewer moving part, you can skip the whole web browser thing. If you are using the web camera widget for the cameras then there's something else using a web browser widget in there to cause the error you saw.

You can force the upgrade if you want. I forget how to do it, but it's in there somewhere. You can poke around and find it I'm sure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ahh, OK. I did find a long ago forgotten/abandoned web browser widget hidden in my template. Removed it and was hopeful, but unfortunately didn't help with the initial error issues. That web widget must have helped the IV get out of that error state in some way as it's now very tough to clear the error without a restart of the IV.

I'll look at forcing 1803. That update has been nothing but a pain on most of my VM's... It kept updating and rolling back on my games pc. Oddly my neighbour was just complaining to me about the same looking for some PC help.
5.2.11 is the one that fixed the runaway CPU issue that happened a while back after a previous system update, right? Just making sure. You aren't seeing really high CPU when this happens or anything like that are you?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
BTW, if you are are using web cameras with the new web camera widget, you might want to make sure VLC is up to date just to be sure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, so still having the error. I'm actually upgraded to 1809 now on both IV and master server... seems it put me on the latest Windows release when I forced an update. Updated VLC as well.

Since I'm already deeper in this than I wanted maybe I'll jump up to the latest CQC release too? or are the Beta's close to the end now and I should just go to that? Looking for stability more than anything right now in some ways. Usually I'm a Beta tester but time has been an issue and stability a primary concern of late so haven't been following along.

CPU usage seems OK as well and the camera windows do drag with the IV when moved around.
Oh, I should add that if I run an IV on the CQC Master there's no issues it seems.

Do you know if I have to add the client to the hosts file on the Master as well as Master to Hosts on the IV only machine (which I have done already)?
It would be worth upgrading CQC, since a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. It's easy enough to get back as long as you let the installer make a backup for you. So, worst case, just restore the 5.2.11 and re-run that installer and you are back.

I'd remove anything from the hosts files until such time as it's proven you need them. The side effects are pretty obvious stuff in the logs, of not being able to resolve the host names to an address. Open the CQC Command Prompt and run the CQCNetTest program to do basic tests of connectivity on both machines.

Be sure to reboot after changing the hosts file. Also probably good to do (from a command line)

ipconfig /flushdns

to flush the DNS cache and then reboot to make sure you come up clean.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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