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Driver Configuration w/8 prompts
I have a driver with 8 prompts.  This doesn't work well with the driver configuration window as the 7th option tab appears in the far left position.  The next button does not bring up the 8th option (it moves to Moniker).  Fortunately the upside down triangle in the upper right lets me set all my options and then get to the summary page.

.jpg   Options.jpg (Size: 22.69 KB / Downloads: 9)

There are new prompt types now that generally will allow you to avoid that sort of scheme. There are checkable lists or lists where the user can enter a value for each slot in a list and so forth. These are a lot more convenient for the user and avoids this problem. For what you are doing one of those would be appropriate.

You can check for the new prompt value if present and use that. Else look for the old ones just to support previously installed versions. One gotcha is that when they reconfigure, the old ones will get dropped and they'll have the new one, so they'll have to re-enter the values. But it would be worth it probably long term to switch over to the new prompt type.

The one you want is probably the CfgNMLPrompt. Any slots they don't want to use, leave empty. You get a comma separated list of the values entered, empty values for ones that they left empty. So if you have 8 slots, you'll get 8 values, some possibly empty. So just parse out the values and you have all of the prompts into one.

See the RCS 485 V2 thermostat driver for one example of it. It's used to name the thermostats. The Space value indicates whether the entered values can have spaces in them or not. And you indicate the count of slots you want to provide, 15 in this example.

<CQCCfg:CfgNMLPrompt CQCCfg:Title="Name Your Thermos"
        Each entry here represents an RCS thermo address, 1 to 15. Double
        click one to give a name to that thermostat, using only numbers,
        digits, hyphens and underscores, no spaces or other punctuation.
        This will be used to create the fields for each thermo. Any found
        but not named here will have simple Tx type names, where x is
        the thermo address.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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