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CQC Voice Mics other than Kinect/Acoustic Magic
Any mic should work with CQC voice, right? Does it have to be some fancy array mic? Or can I use any cheap mic?

I want to see if my $180 Minix can handle CQC Voice as it's super low power and I can use it for other stuff too. I'd have to buy a mic for it, don't want to do that unless CQC is hardware agnostic.
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If it's not an array mic, then it's not going to work very well. CQC doesn't know or care if it's an array mic or anything, just that it shows up as an available audio input in Windows. But unless it's for up close work, like on your computer desk while you are sitting right in front of it or something like that, it pretty much has to be an array mic in order to really work well. The array allows it to dynamically listen for the direction that the loudest sound is coming from and on the fly reject noise from other directions. And that allows it to better reject reflections.
Dean Roddey
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You could of course just use some inexpensive mic, speaking directly into it, to test it out and make sure it does what you need, before you commit to the better mic.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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