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No easy way to adjust schedules via a gui. Any plans to fix this?
The more I play with Cqc the more I like it. Except there is one big thing missing .
I don't see a way to have the end user set schedules easily. I could code a schedule, but there is no easy to use graphical interface that would allow a regular user set a schedule for lights or a scene. I guess it may be possible to code a template that uses variables but that can get very complicated. Are there plans to address this? 

Thank you
There is no end user (meaning not you but the folks who use what you create) interface but the IV. So it has to be done as a template. Various other folks have done this and it's not as hard as you might think, though it is little bit of work.

The basic steps are:

1. Query the scheduled event info
2. Load that info into the appropriate widgets
3. Let them modify that
4. Grab the data back out of the widgets when they hit a 'Save' type button
5. Write the event info back

For something like days of the week, that's pretty easily done by a set of check box type widgets, one per day. For hour/min, just a static text widget with up/down buttons for each that they can use to adjust those values.

I could do a tutorial video on how to go about it. I might could update the auto-generation system to support this functionality I guess as well. Even if you don't use the auto-gen, you could look at the code as an example.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I thought it may be doable with templates, but I thought it would be harder. Yes please, both to the tutorial and autogen if possible. It would make it a much easier sell.
Everyone is used to know the easy to use system that lets them make changes on the fly. For example with smarththings, they can create a scene, add items to that scene and then set a schedule for that scene. So far everyone who I showed CQC to that seamed excited about it asked me how easy it is for them to change things on the fly, and thats where I got stuck. I told them that we can write an interface for them for it, and thats what they were interested in.
If this would be doable not just at the direct individual item (like light) level, but also make it that they can create a scene or a group of multiple lights and settings and then apply a schedule to it, that would be great.

Than kyou
I created a template for doing weekly type events, which is the type with the most stuff. But, along the way, I fixed some things and added a couple small features to make it more convenient. So it won't work for anyone but me until the next beta drop. I'll post it after the next drop.

It's pretty simple to use. You set up a static list browser with a set of weekly type events (you set a name and in the background user data of each item you set the actual path to the event.) The rest works based off of that. You select one from the list and it is populated into the widgets. You can modify them, then use the Set button to push it back up to the event server.

You also need to provide a popup appropriately styled for your system, and stick that in the Set button's action, where it checks to make sure that at least one day is selected. Else it will just silently do nothing and your user wouldn't realize that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've attached a template that can be be used to manage the configuration of a set of weekly type scheduled events, which are the type most likely probably to be something you'd want to adjust from your IV templates. It's just using the basic appearance of course, so you'll have to make it look like you want it to.

* This depends on changes made in 5.2.916, so it won't work for any previous version of CQC. 

It's mostly self-contained, but you'll need to do the following:

1. Edit the OnLoad action of the template. You'll see that it is adding info for the events to manage to a list browser. It's using the ability to set both display text and behind the scenes user data text. The later is being set to the paths to the events to manage. When you select one, the display text is displayed as the name of the event being edited and the user data is used to query the event info and load it into the widgets.

2. In the Set button's action (which will show up once you have selected your first event), there are two places you might want to do do a popup. There are comments in the action to that effect. One place where it stops the action if you haven't enabled any days of the week. And possibly one at the end to verify success.

So just import this package. It'll show in /User/Dean/EvSched/SetWeeklyEvent. Just copy and paste it somewhere in your own templates and adjust the appearance as desired, and do the above updates.

Some changes were made to make this easier. For instance, you need to insert the paths of the events into the browser loading command. Before you'd have had to type that in, but now the popup menu of the command parameters entry fields allow you to insert paths to images, events and templates interactively. This is very useful for those places where the parameter itself isn't of one of those types (in which case the helper button beside the parameter entry field will do this.) This allows you to do that in cases like this where you need to enter such a path generically as text.

I also added an 'auto-toggle' option for static check boxes. In cases like these where you are just using them for data entry and don't need to respond to changes, it's saves you from having to add your own toggle actions just to flip their state which clicked.

Later I can get something like this built into the auto-gen. But it's just too late in the release cycle for that right now. It'll have to wait till next time.

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.cqctmplpack   SetWeeklyEvent.CQCTmplPack (Size: 3.51 KB / Downloads: 1)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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