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Options for CQC controlled video playback
Back in the day when I first started with CQC, life was much easier.  I could rip my few DVD's using MyMovies, run a software player on my HTPC, and use CQC to select and play them.  It worked most of the time, until the PC got an update or whatever and I would have to rebuild the whole thing again.

What now?  A few years ago, I built a 25TByte NAS to store all my DVD's and Bluerays.  I have an Oppo103 which has fantastic video quality and a 4K JVC projector.  The only thing missing has been a software driver from CQC to allow to select and stream movies.  Now that Oppo is pulling out of the market, there is no point in getting their Oppo203 4K player so this option is dead.

I have been looking at using an Amazon 4K Firestick as the physical rendering device.  I have been able to connect it to a Plex server and access a few Bluerays using the Firestick control.  Too clunky for use with over 800 titles. There is supposed to be a Plex CQC Driver, although I have not tried it yet,  Could this allow me to build a video repository in CQC and stream movies to the Firestick.  

Does anyone have a working solution to use CQC to select and stream at least Blueray quality to a physical player?  If not, what would it take to get such a system working.   What do the professional installers use?  Streaming from a cloud service is out for me as I cannot get a high enough bandwidth to get acceptable quality.  All ideas welcome!!

Dune 4K?

No experience with it, I just know it's compatible with CQC and I came across it in my research. I use an Apple TV 4K and bypass CQC entirely for media other than the Harmony Hub.
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With Plex you can browse your media either via Plex's interface or ours, and it streams to lots of different things. They have a PC based client that would make use of whatever resolution is available.
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