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DVDProfiler and loading Ripped DVDs
penngray Wrote:Very cool, I was able to play a movie on a different PC using TheaterTek....pretty cool!

TheaterTek is really choppy though, WMP doesnt have this problem. I wonder why Sad I will do a search.

Do you have the TT IP driver loaded? If you do then check your CPU usage with TT running. A few of us have had problems with that driver causing TT to become unresponsive and eat up 100% CPU
Hi Penngray,

This might help. I don't have it in front of me so I'm going from memory. Somewhere near the notes tab where you enter the path to your DVD is a tab titled Discs. This tab stores the discs under the collection your working on. Most titles in my collection only have a main disc but series like Harry Potter might have several. There needs to be at least a main movie disc listed under the disc tab inorder for the DVDProfiler driver to pick it up. I believe under the DVD menu there is an edit button where you can add a disc.

You'll then need to then refresh the database. You should then see the other titles.


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