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Alexa can't load configuration
Some background.  I had Alexa and CQC working a few weeks back.  Had a problem with my windows VM and had to restore back to a time before Alexa and CQC was configured.  I'm now trying to do all the configurations again.  Theoretically, everything on the Amazon side should be good, so started by creating the EchoCfg.Txt file.  When I ask Alexa to "Alexa, tell CQC to Load Configuration", I get "sorry, I don't know that". 

At that point, I started from scratch loading my javascript handler and skills, linked both, and updated the key in my config....but same problem, can't load the configuration.


5 minutes later, Interestingly, I can go into the Service Simulator on the Alexa Skills page and tell CQC to load configuration and it's successful.
Has your public IP changed or something? How are you connecting the skill back to your system? Are you using a public DNS name or your public IP address?

Anything showing up in the CQC logs? Flush the logs, do the load command, then get a log dump to see if anything showed up.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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