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New Z-Wave driver preview
So here is a first preview video of our upcoming new Z-Wave driver, for 5.3. This one is a 'native' driver. Our current one uses the VRC0P which is a (overly) simplified wrapper around the Z-Wave interface. The new one uses a standard Z-Stick which makes it a full node on the Z-Wave network and that allows for a lot of nice new capabilities.

The big stuff with this one:

1. The ability to auto-identify units, which saves a lot of time
2. Vastly better internal architecture which allows us to support a wider range of units, particularly those that are not exactly strictly by the book.
3. Should be much quicker, particularly if you stick with newer hardware
4. A vastly improved client side interface that allows for a lot more to do be done and more easily.

[EDIT: Better videos now available, linked to on the next page]

Anyway, comments are welcome. I know it will be a little hard to take it all in on one viewing, but way better to take a few minutes and think about it now and ask questions than to wait till it comes out and it's far harder to change.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, really nice work, can't wait to get my hands on it! When you make available please include a basic quick reference in the driver documentation with the steps to join the Z-Stick, I guess it's the association / re-association process.
IÔÇÖm impressed by the speed, replication seems much faster than what IÔÇÖm used to.

What happens if the master controller doesnÔÇÖt fully support a device?

Specifically, I am using smartthings as the master controller now. It recognizes the scene and some controllers but doesnÔÇÖt fully support them. Will this driver be able to support them? I know the some parts are out of your hands, just trying to figure out if IÔÇÖll be starting over.
Nest|Harmony|Neeo|LG TV|Smarthings|
As long as the master controller understands them enough to add them to the Z-Wave network it should be OK. Once that is done, at least from our driver's point of view, the master is out of the picture and uninvolved. Honestly, using something like Vizia is probably better because once you are done with that aspect of it, just stop the software and it's completely out of the picture. It won't be sending any messages, so no network overhead, no interference possible. Who knows what Smartthings is doing all the time, since it probably assumes it's the most important thing on the Z-Wave network.

It may also periodically re-configure the units, which could un-configure them from our driver's perspective.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I will be honest, I have done virtually nothing with ZWave in the current driver because its just kinda clunky.

I think this driver will be an asset to CQC, specifically it may help pull a few people in that already have a very large ZWave network and dont want to slowly go through every device just to get it up and going on CQC.

One question on the parameter configurations. Unless I missed it, right now you have to know what parameters are available, their id# and what the values can be. Is there anyway to automate this or have detailed information in the configuration for the make and model? I know my Leviton DZ6HD dimmers can support load types, fade times, min/max light levels, and LED status options. If I change something in my house I dont want to have to go pull the documentation just to figure out the parameter and change it. It would be nice to just be able to select from drop downs the available parameters, and then depending on the parameter have a drop down or text field for the value. Probably the Load type is what comes to mind the most. As lights die and we switch them to LED, I may not remember from month to month that parameter 8 is the load type and value 2 is LED. This is not a big deal, to me it would just be icing on the cake.

Super excited to try it out! Thanks for all your hard work.
There is no way for the driver to know what configuration parameters do what. That's just one of those Z-Wave'isms. They are just generic numbers and values that the manufacturer arbitrarily defines.

Anything like that would require that information having to be manually looked up and somehow encoded into the device info file I guess, so that the driver could present them as options. We can look at that for a phase two or something.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
What is the ETA for the drop with the new zwave stuff?

Also, please dont forget the Hue Dimmer Switches. Smile
do the needful ...
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I dunno. I need to do some more realistic testing of course, and there's still some bits and and bobs to complete. So maybe sunday or early next week or thereabouts. Maybe sooner if all goes well, which is seldom the case with Z-Wave.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've posted 5.2.900 in the beta section. This is our first beta towards 5.3. Let's keep this thread just about the driver in general and the milestones its hit. Keep all of the back and forth and technical discussion to the beta discussions thread. That way this can be used for folks who just want to follow along with the progress, and not have to wade through pages of stuff no longer valid since it's all been fixed and such.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have an Insteon ISY-994i controller that I recently upgraded from an ISY-99i.  When I purchased it, it came with Z-Wave capability.  Is there anything with this new driver that would be of interest to me, or would all control still go through the ISY driver?

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