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RadioRa2 help needed
This is my first attempt at installing a working CQC system so I am not yet familiar with how drivers in general work so this may be a total noob question but....

I have successfully installed the latest version of CQC and added the Lutron V2 IP driver for my RadioRa2 system as well as watched the tutorial video #3 on the basic install/setup of drivers.

I have successful;ly configured the driver to talk with the main repeater of my Lutron system but I am not sure how to proceed from here.  The tutorial video #3 seems to indicate that a list of available devices should be available to choose from but the devices from my system are not showing up.

Do I need to tell the driver to read the info from the Lutron main repeater or do I need to import the data from my integration report or do I need to type it all in manually?

I have read the RadioRa documentation but that is just confusing me more than not.

Any assistance ito get me pointed in the correct direction s greatly appreciated.
You will have to setup each switch individually, using the client side driver or interface. Its accessed by right clicking on the driver. The Lutron integration report will give you the address number for each switch.
Right click on the driver, select Client Interface to run the client side interface. Then you can configure the driver for those things you want the driver to know about. Don't go crazy, add one of each type then save (Ctrl-S) and you should see the driver fields update to reflect those changes. Make sure you are getting what you want, then start adding more, saving and verifying periodically.

Make sure you understand V2 device drivers:

Most of the fields of a V2 driver (sometimes all) are based on set of 'device classes', which define standard interfaces for particular types of functionality. Each V2 driver will have links to the definitions of the device classes it implements. Click on that to see the details. That one implements lighting, motion sensors, and thermostats.

Drivers can also have non-V2 fields as well, so that you can access functionality outside of those standards.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Tom / Dean,

Thanks for the information.

I am sure I will be back with more questions but this gets me pointed down the correct road.


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