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Bond Fan Control
Not sure if anyone has seen this yet.... Bond Home fan control.

Its only been out a few months, but looks promising. I got sidetracked yesterday at a lighting showroom when trying to buy a new chandelier. Its pretty slick and looks promising. It can learn and then re-transmit remotes for ceiling fan control. The interface is pretty clean and it just seems to work. 

It can do IR fan controls, but has to been in the room, where as the RF fan controls will work from pretty much anywhere in your house as long as the signal reaches. They are working on support for fireplace remotes, AC units (window and mini-split), garage door control, and blind control. 

The downside right now is it only works with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and IFTTT, but they are suppose to release a SmartThings integration the first half of 2018. From digging through the web, there seems to be a demand for a public API and their support people are saying they are aiming to release one the first half of 2018 as well. It also is completely cloud dependent right now, maybe they will add some local processing control down the road.

I think I'm gonna break down and order one or go get it from my lighting place. For $100, Im willing to hack something together with IFTTT.
Just ordered this, thanks for sharing! Will be interesting to see how this works out...
I feel so lucky. My lighting system has had fan controllers as part of the system for years now. C-Bus added them in I did not realize that fans were so hard to integrate and control. My fans are now part of the A/C system and CQC has full control over them. Guess we are not so backwards at times down here...
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
You are indeed lucky, in the States it's a nightmare to find anything that can be controlled that is reasonably priced and / or not closed and proprietary.
You could have jumped on the bandwagon there for a while. Schneider (Square D?) did release 110V versions of the C-Bus range in the states. Not enough support so they have pulled the pin now.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Just got this set up, it was easy to pair with my 18 year old Hunter Bay ceiling fan. Works as advertised from smartphone, Google Home and Alexa. Not having luck with IFTTT yet but I don't use it very often so might be something I'm doing wrong.

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