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install component for Repository Manager
I have a computer I use for ripping my discs and managing my CQSL repository.  I don't run any other CQC tasks on this machine.

During the upgrade to 5.2.11 "use previous install options" selects nothing and fails.  Which component should I select to get just the repo manager (or as close as possible).

Thanks -- Bob
Is the 'CQC Management Tools' option set to install or upgrade? It's possible that if the repo manager was the only thing you had installed that the conversion to the new 5.x scheme didn't catch that it needed to enable that guy. Anyhoo, turn off the previous install options check box, double click the management tools guy so it shows install or upgrade. Disable everything else if don't need it there, then Next over to the client tools tab, and enable the repo manager, then continue. You might as well enable the IV and command prompt as well, since those could be useful, and none of those requires any background services (other than the client service.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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