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Best Practices for PlayWav
I'm not using any interface viewers. I just want the most efficient way to play a Wav on my CQC machine.

Seems like PlayWav only works with IV, but not if the IV is in the background.

I tried installing the VLC driver, and it is not communicating, but I'm not sure about the port and IP settings, or if I need to do anything else. 

The latest workaround I could find was from 2013 and it involved installing the TrayMonitor, and using that to invoke VLC.

Is that still the best solution?

Thanks, Richard
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If you don't have an IV on that machine, but CQC is installed, then install the CQC Speech II driver and use that. It will allow for speech from the background.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks. I am guessing that won't play a Wav.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
Oh, no, sorry. I was thinking TTS for some reason. What are you trying to play? Is it just an announcement? If so, you could just speak it, which would offer a lot more flexibility.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
You're right. I'm using TTS and it's great. I just need a bit of fanfare. I'll jump through the TrayMonitor hoop if that's the way to go.

My Other web server is Dropbox.
FYI, VLC has a tendency to stumble on the first half-second of a file. MPC-BE works much better. It's an open source lightweight player.

Interestingly, MPC-BE also handles 7.1 audio better than VLC.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
I'm currently broadcasting to multiple Google Homes.  Tis' a bit complicated (multiple moving parts)  CQC -> EventGhost -> AutoRemote -> Tasker -> AutoCast -> Google Home. Speaker "Boops" and then plays announcement. AutoRemote and AutoCast are Tasker plugins. See AutoApps for complete list of plugins. Tasker is running on old Android phone that is only used as a home automation interface. EventGhost is running on an always on PC.  I can change the voice on the Android phone as the TTS conversion occurs there prior to being sent to 1 or more Google Homes.

There may be something similar available now for Alexa but since I standardized on the Google solution I've not paid much attention.

I also have a Bluetooth audio sender / receiver pair that I experimented with.  Send plugged into always on PC, receiver plugged into Sonos 5 aux in and TTS from CQC directly. This method works but Google Home / Google Assistant is easier as I don't have to jockey the Sonos outputs around in the middle of playing music and I can send a message either from CQC or from one of our phones directly.
The TTS driver ultimately is playing WAV files. Since TTS doesn't work in the background anymore, I have to generate the output to a file, then play it via a regular audio output. I guess it could be easily enough updated to let you play other WAV files. They are just put into a queue and played one at a time, so it probably would be pretty straightforward.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That would actually be pretty awesome. Thank you.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
(01-21-2018, 09:28 PM)RichardU Wrote: That would actually be pretty awesome. Thank you.

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