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Changing Field Values in Devices Tab
I have a stable system and haven't make any recent changes, so I may be imagining this, but I could have sworn I used to be able to change the value of a R/W or W field in the Devices tab by double clicking or right-clicking on the item.  I can't seem to do it in 5.2.1  

Maybe I'm just thinking of the pre-5 version ability in the Field Browser to change values, but I thought is was also available under Devices in 5.1.2.

Specifically, I though I used to be able to turn R/W Boolean outputs or light switches on or off for Elk (and UPB), which I used to test certain configurations.

Is it gone or am I just imagining things?
There is a column that has a down arrow or an elipsis (...) in it. For those fields that have well known values of limited numbers of values, you can click the down arrow to select the value from a menu. If it's an elipsis it'll pop up a value selection dialog. Or you can just edit the value in place as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, thanks!  I was pretty sure there was a way to do it, but completely forgot about down arrow/ellipsis.

BTW, when I was researching forum threads to see if I could find the answer, I tried to search "From the Beginning" in CQC Support, which would then list 236 pages of threads, but when I clicked on any page number (e.g. 2 or 3) to go to older threads, it would revert back to "Last 100 days" and older threads (generally pre 2017 or so) would not be available.

Was all the old stuff moved or deleted either in connection with the change to MyBB or Version 5?

Thanks again.
Something apparently went awry during the conversion and that happens. I guess over time it will start going further back as we accumulate more stuff that was created here in this new system.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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