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Russound V2 Driver - no install button
I have the original Russound driver but wanted to upgrade to the V2, however, when I attempt to add the driver the "install" button never displays.  The driver install process allows me to go through the entire process but the "summary" tab never shows up.  When selecting the "next" button it cycles through the options and goes back to the beginning to cycle through the process continuously.  As I was writing this up I realized I could select the drop down on the right side of the option tabs to select the "summary" page.  Once I had this I just select "next" again and that completed the install.

I did restart both the server and the client machine with no change.  I also tested by adding two other drivers but they did not exhibit the same issue.

In any case, it may only be my system but though I would post in case others had this issue or if this seen to be a driver issue maybe it could be corrected in a future update.
Yeh, this is a known issue because the installer wizard assumes there will never be more tabs than can be displayed, since it needs you to go through them in order. There are a couple drivers that have this issue. They need to be updated to use newer driver install prompts that allow for those types of lists of things to be entered on a single tab.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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