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webriva template question
You might try the Seqoe fonts. They are of that sort and they do have separately named variations. I'll look at what it would take to move from just having a bold attribute to having a weight attribute. If you want to send me the font you are interested in, I can do a quick programmatic test to see if the weight setting does cause the variations to be selected. If so, then such a change in the interface system would be more worth doing. Of course I would have to check the HTML canvas and what weights it supports and how they might map.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
thanks, the Seqoe font is indeed scales better, although not as thin as the android Roboto Thin TTF
Dean, I was having the same scaling/overhang issue with webriva as others in the preview thread. I tried to match the colors of the template with that of the overhang, and for sake of easiness chose black. Whatever I do I cannot seem to be able to hide this white line between canvas/div and overhang?
This is a simple overlay that loads a template 1024x1024 pixels. I edited the Main.css in the HTMLRoot folder to make the background color also black. It drives me crazy. Template has no border, everything is set to black and latest Firefox on Windows is the browser.
See attached pic, it is present only on the right side.

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Do you have a border enabled on the template or something else inside the template?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
(01-03-2018, 10:52 AM)Dean Roddey Wrote: Do you have a border enabled on the template or something else inside the template?

No border, just "Main" template with 2 overlays, one for main content, another for toolbar, and another template "Main_top" that loads into the main content overlay, none have borders, and every possible color picker is set to 0,0,0
Use the command:


to set the surrounding color to black and see if that makes a difference.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Sure enough, this was it!!!

Someone stumbling on this thread: add the above command to you template preload actions and as parameter set the color as desired.
(01-03-2018, 11:56 AM)lleo Wrote: Sure enough, this was it!!!

Someone stumbling on this thread: add the above command to you template preload actions and as parameter set the color as desired.

I had a white line on the right border of my WebRiva  ipad template  and  the IntfViewer::SetViewBorderClr   (0 0 0) fixed it....
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Dean, to get a better sense on how things are rendered on various systems/browsers I created a template 1080 wide by 1920 tall.

The template consisted of an overlay covering all of the template and a static picture of a circle 1080x1080. To completely fill the overlay added the same static image below the first one again, but this time around only fit 1080 x 840 tall.

I used the host:10080/cqsl/webriva/index.html?user=user&pw+pw&nocache=1&nopixelscale=yes url on all devices to test what showed.

tried on Windows 7 desktop, Window 10 tablet 10", android phone 5" and android tablet 10" with both Firefox and Chrome, and landscape, portrait or both as is typical for the specific device.

The visible part of the template is all over, with only on the 5" phone the full template is visible, while of the others some scaling occurring regardless of setting. There is no difference between browsers on the same device, which suggests that system settings drive the scale/zoom factor.

On none of the devices with touch screen I could use any fling or scroll action, although where not the full template was shown, the browsers showed a scroll bar which allowed for moving the screen around.
Q1: Such a simple template with static images only do have any touch screen scrolling action?

ON the phone which showed the complete template the pinch zoom action of the browser is lost, even when in Firefox the settings to allow zooming regardless of website is on.
Q2: Any idea/experience on this, on the pinch in pinch out zoom?

I know you try to stay clear in dealing also with various systems and browsers, but you must have tested what is available to you. Desktop monitor works as expected, and is very close to IV, but mobile devices are all over. How should we approach this issue? May worth a spot-topic video.
You might have to do some browser specific stuff to control scaling any more. The no pixel scale option just tries to set the scaling, but I guess there's no guarantee it can.

If you create a template of a given size, it's not going to fit most screens as is. They will have different aspect ratios and resolutions and scaling. For the aspect ratio, there's little that can be done other than either create specific templates for those ratios you have, or create a set that is at some compromise resolution and just let it be centered in the available area. You can use the template scaling to create scaled versions that fit in the direction most important to you, while avoiding distortion of your template content.

Of course there are various tricks where the ratio is considerably different, such as having just multiple main templates, and putting a little extra info on one side of the wider ones and not on the narrower ones. That sort of thing.

Scrolling within the templates is only available within overlays. If the overall content is larger than the browser window, the IV doesn't know this and so wouldn't provide any scrolling for that, as it doesn't on Windows either within the IV. That would have to be done by the browser, since it's a matter of content larger than the browser window.

I guess you could take the approach of putting all your content within a single overlay, which covers the whole base template, then just create a set of base templates of different sizes and shapes, all of which just have a single overlay covering the whole template area, and each of which loads the same main template into that overlay. Then all of your content would be scrollable within that big overlay, and you'd see more or less depending on the resolution and scaling that occurs.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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