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Mic for CQC Voice and other misc Q's
They have their own set of APIs for Google Assistant, it is completely doable.  Assistant works both with Home and on phone!
Just to play around and get ready for some testing, I got an IFTTT account.  Simply using Google Assistant with what they call WebHooks lets you send out HTTP GET requests with Google Home commands.  I have a few things setup on CQC that respond to that now like lights and other things that don't necessarily scare me too much to expose to the web...  Really slick actually except for the 6-8 second delay from time of voice recognition to triggering at the CQC server.

What's cool about the webhooks/IFTTT is that you can set up commands that are easy to use.  Like Hey Google, turn on the main floor lights.  There's none of that hey Google tell IFTTT to do xyz stuff.   Would love to see something where CQC could stand in for IFTTT and do the commands direct somehow although I fear that may involve some work with Google to do. 
There's another app called Stringify that's similar, but for that one you have to say Hey Google, tell Stringify to do xyz... That's too much talking for my liking so IFTTT has done something special I think.

I'm already feeling like the Google mini will run circles around the Kinect and even Acoustic Magic mic. although I haven't really dialed it in yet.  I simply can't believe how far away I can be and have the mini recognize commands even with lots of ambient noises.
Most like, as with the Echo, there's a set of simple commands that you can invoke directly without a separate skill. But that wouldn't allow for the more advanced stuff that our Echo support allows for. Anything remotely customized and I would imagine it's the same as the Echo where you have to indicate the name of the skill.
Dean Roddey
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Agree, the recognition on Google Assistant / Home is far superior to Alexa. I'm taking an ugly path right now, using Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoRemote, and EventGhost to get from Google Assistant / Home to CQC. I have the basic plumbing working now need to start mapping commands
(12-12-2017, 06:34 AM)batwater Wrote: Agree, the recognition on Google Assistant / Home is far superior to Alexa.  I'm taking an ugly path right now, using Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoRemote, and EventGhost to get from Google Assistant / Home to CQC. I have the basic plumbing working now need to start mapping commands

+1 google home is far superior at voice recognition.(unfortunately as I like the skill ecosystem). It just understands context better.

Just seems Alexa has the littlest syntactical issues to sort out. Like these are the same: "Alexa turn on the living room lights" and "Alexa please turn the living room lights on". I am sure Amazon will get better but Google nailed it with recognition and picks up my commands from farther away and with background noise. Google Home also works seamless with Google music.(go figure). 

My CQC and Alexa(skills) are fun to turn on fish tank and Christmas tree but feels Gen1. Really need a voice control in all rooms that just recognizes how my family speaks. (not just I know what syntax to use to get the lights on).  Starting to think about replacing Alexa with Google in every room. 
Would be great if CQC was integrated with Google Home. Touch screen and voice capability to control all zwave devices and to play music in any room wireless. Would be a game changer.

I really like Alexa API's and hardware but the bottom line is how best can my end users(family)  control the lights and music via voice control.  Damn you Google.... Stop taking over my life.
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honestly i'm going the other way, and removing any cloud-based voice control from a privacy perspective. Hoping CQC Voice remains viable for a long time, even if it requires a local "PC". Within a year hopefully even the little fanless PCs will be strong enough to power this. Even at $150/pc + $75/mic, $225 for voice control per room all local, full privacy, would be an easy sell. Assuming it's a form factor the wife can accept.
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