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WebRIVA - Raspberry PI - View Only
Okay, so I'm having this idea / concept of using a Raspberry PI for view only where I can present any one of a number of status screens representing the house systems on any one of the TVs in our hous.  Ideally the screen presented on the PI HDMI port would dynamically display the screen of my choice and that choice would be be controlled on the CQC side.

So for example a screen that displays the status of: 
  • door / window openings in our home
  • all AV devices
  • etc...
Make sense?  I want to be able to use voice command to display each one of these screens or have them pop up automatically based on a particular event.

Any thoughts on this or does this not make any sense?

You can set up triggered events in templates. So set up a variables driver field that is an enumeration of the screens you want to load. Set the values to the actual names of the templates (not the path just the name part.) Put a trigger on it. Set up the template that shows on the PI to have a triggered event that just takes the value of the changed field, appends to the appropriate path part, and loads that path into a main overlay. You could reload the whole template as well, but if you want to have come common stuff, you can do it the usual overlay way.

Then all you have to do it set that field, via whatever means you want, and the screen should change. There is an actual command to do a remote load of a template on an IV, but that wouldn't work when running in RIVA mode, because there aren't individual (real IV) clients in that case to talk to. And it would be difficult to target a specific session running on the Web Server.

So the triggered event driven scenario would be best.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
There is a project(s) for RDP sessions on the Pi - it boots up and connects automatically. Touchscreen is also supported by the image

Doing this you can then control the iv directly like Dean talks about.

The Pi is just a remote viewer to the real IV

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
A year later and I'm finally going to do this during Christmas vacation. Had anyone set up a Raspberry Pi with Chromium as an IV?
Not yet, but interested in how it goes - esp the triggered events stuff.

The last client IV I did was on a Win10 mini PC that cost a little over $100 - which gives a full client as opposed to a web interface. Not as cheap as a Pi, but not far off either.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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