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What is being used for TV Serial control
So I have been told I need to keep cables and devices around the TV to a minimum, but we want to add control for the TVs. We have a mix of LG and Samsung TVs with serial ports or ex-link ports. Right now i have a Raspberry Pi for one tv, acting as a serial port server with virtual comports on the CQC server. This seems to work ok, but its messy and I need a second and third one. I have POE on my switches so if I can eliminate another power brick I'm all for it. I have looked at the various serial port servers with POE but they are over $100. I could build another RaspPi contraption but by the time I add the POE hat and various parts, I am pushing the cost of a prebuilt serial server device. I have found some cheap ones, but they are Chinese and the software is lacking. 

We use plex as our main media platform, currently playing through the TiVo's or Roku's. The Roku's are aging and will need replaced soon. I am thinking about getting Intel NUCs for Plex players (we dont really use the Roku's for anything else) and then I could use a serial to usb adapter and run a serial server from the NUC killing two birds with one stone and removing a device. The NUC could act as a sort of server for different devices that are all centered around the TV it is at, maybe even a USB UIRT for devices that need IR.  

What is everyone else using to control their TV's, if anything? Would you change it or do anything else over?

If you change your mind on the nuc look at global caches standalone up to serial devices.
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Yeh, the GC-100s when you need more than one, and it provides you with some IR and some light sensors so you can know when things are on or not. For single shots the 'fractional GC-100' units which look like a GC-100 to CQC but only provide one of the parts of it, are good choices.
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As long as you present the serial port to the CQC server it should be able to use it (assuming there is a driver available for that TV). I currently use a GC100 for my Sharp TV, but I just recently got a harmony hub so thinking about just using that instead. There is a driver for that as well but you will lose 2-way which may not be a big deal if you only care about turning the TV on/off and you won't be losing any power bricks. Smile

You might also want to experiment with HDMI-CEC from the Roku, I haven't tried it...
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Thanks guys!! Sounds like the Global Cache devices might be the way to go. As much as I want an excuse to buy a NUC, there will probably be less to go wrong with the GC and it can probably expand with IR easier than the NUC can.
I'm using a Digiport Edgeport port server which is a RS-232 serial to USB converter, but they apparently are getting harder and harder to find. I run the serial commands down to my server room via cat5e cable and then into the Edgeport which is hooked up to my CQC computer. No extra boxes at the TV are needed.

Long story short, you can run the RS-232 commands down a cat5e cable (that isn't hooked into a network switch), so if you decide to use some sort of serial to USB converter, it doesn't have to be located at the TV. Most serial devices only use three wires although the actual serial connector has nine.
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What do you mean 'control'?

I like the Harmony Hub, and with my Sony TV have a dedicated IR input on the rear to make sure the signal gets through. I have Tivo Mini's at the TVs themselves, which I am thinking of replacing with the 4K Roku once Plex LiveTV is supported.

I guess you could do something like the Roku driver and CEC to get control via CQC, too.
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I just ordered a GC-100. I will probably put it in one of the wall panels and extend the connections. It seems solid and will fit in with what I have currently.

For 'control' I'm thinking just power, input selection, and volume control. Maybe brightness control. TBH im still playing with the bubble wrap on CQC and HA. Ive got lights working and moving on to the rest, so I really dont have any clue what I want to do yet besides make it work lol.
I have Harmony hubs (plural) as well. The biggest issue you get into is if something gets out of sync and the TV or other IR controlled device(s) don't have discrete on and off e.g. it's a toggle. then IR is a PITA for the technically disinclined members of the household (read anyone who is not you) Harmony is rock solid otherwise! I have a hub in my basement to control the media feed to my bedroom TV, the remote is programmed to send the IR for the TV and the sound bar from the remote, Roku is IP controlled, and the rest are IR blaster from the hub in the basement.

Harmony hub offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and can be directly control any Harmony activities via Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Samsung TV control? How?
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