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Control of Epson Projector Using IR
While upgrading to 5.1.0 I've messed up my configuration for controlling an Epson projector using IR. I use an iTach Flex device with an IR blaster. I vaguely remember installing a GC100 driver as a client side driver an also installing an Epson projector driver. I've installed the GC100 driver and its connected to the iTach. However, when I install the Epson driver it can't connect. Do I need to indicate to the Epson driver somehow that it needs to use the GC100 driver?
I would think that you wouldn't install any projector driver if you are using the GC-100 to control the projector. Though maybe the IR was just to power it on or something, because it can't be powered on via the control interface?

The client side driver would have been for the iTach (which CQC thinks is a GC-100 which is why you loaded the GC-100 driver.) So you'll need to load a GC-100 driver and point it at the iTach. Be sure to the use the same moniker (case specific) as before to avoid breaking anything.
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The Epson driver would use the serial port of the GC100, it supports power on/off. It's doesn't use IR.
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Thank you - it works. All I need is the GC100 driver which interfaces to an IR blaster.
Which projector are you using?  I know both of my Epson projectors use serial drivers.
(08-07-2017, 10:33 AM)zaccari Wrote: Which projector are you using?  I know both of my Epson projectors use serial drivers.
I have an Epson 9700UB. I only need to turn it on/off so I use an IR blaster.

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