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Camera Widget
Ok so I tried to set up a web camera widget .  Actually a security camera .   I added the VLC environment variable  per the documentation. I tested the RTSP stream with VLC media player and it worked fine.  I copied the RTSP URL that was working in VLC into the camera widget URL field.  I still can't get anything to show up however in the IV viewer.  I created a clean test template with just a camera widget and am unable to get it to work.  The cameras are Hikevision  DS-2CD2732F cameras and they work fine with my Blue Iris software.    The URL for the RTSP that works in VLC is simply the IP address and port number.  Anyone have any ideas?
You may need to set the browser compatibility level using the environment. You will need to set it for CQCWCHelper.exe, which is the program that actually hosts the camera output.

Go down to the Browser Emulation section.

On the VLC variable, you sure updated the existing PATH variable and in the system section of the environment, not the per-user section?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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