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are triggers reliable?
i am finding that sometimes triggers against global variables quit working.  if i go to the variable, open the trigger and save it then it starts working again.  

They should be very reliable. However they are broadcasts, and so are not guaranteed delivery. They are sent three times with a small delay between each one, to help make sure that they are received.

If you think one has stopped, bring up the Admin Intf and in the /System/Monitor (I think) section bring up the tab that monitors triggers. Change that variable and see if you get the trigger. If so, it's being sent, so any issue is downstream from that on the receiving end. Presumably that would be the event server in this case if you are talking about triggered events not happening. If you don't see the trigger, then it's probably not being sent and the issue would be on the sending end. That would let us know which way to look.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have also found another trigger problem.  I have a CQCVar driver and set a trigger on one of the fields.  Works OK.  Then I editied the Var driver to change the Range on a different CARD4 variable.  I saved the changes and then found that the program using the trigger field no longer worked.  In the Adnim IF, the field still showed the trigger set, but when I open the dialog box to check, the box showed no trigger.  Setiing the trigger to "Any ValueChange" again and the program worked again.  So saving changes to to a Var driver seems to corrupt the triggers.

There seems to be something more going on here.  I am on 5.1.2.  I reported a problem a while ago about the trigger dialog box always showing "No Trigger" when you open it, even if one had been set previously.

I thought you had fixed this, but the same thing is happening again.  Moreover, I now need triggers on two fields in the CQCVAR driver.  If I set one on a field it works, but as soon as I set a trigger on the second field, the first no longer works.  In the ADMIN tab for the device, both fields are still show as having a trigger, which is incorrect.

OK, it's been sort of a round about. The short version is:

1. When we moved the driver config to the MS, we changed editing to edit that and store it, then send the CQCServer hosting the driver a message to update himself using the newly stored info.
2. That caused the previous issue where fields that no longer exist were still in the trigger list because the MS doesn't know what fields are valid and what aren't.
3. So that was fixed by reading in the live stuff from the hosting CQCServer to use that as the basis for editing, so that we could get rid of any out of date triggers (since CQCServer removes any triggers that are for fields the driver doesn't have.)
4. But CQCServer logic was incorrectly removing all triggers after storing the new ones, which would remove the ones it just stored, and only the newly added/edited one would get actually set.

So, it was an issue that got fixed but another issue was caused in the process. I'll get up a new drop later today with all the latest small fixes.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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