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Official 5.2 Beta Release Thread
Version 5.1.909 is posted. This is tweaks, and a lot of work on a documentation update for 5.2. If using WebRIVA, see the highlighted item below. You'll have to make a slight tweak to the webcam setup javascript file, the change is to allow for more than one web cam support scheme to be supported in the future if needed.

  • No docs ever got written for the Roku 3 driver.
  • No docs ever got written for the Harmony hub driver. It just got thrown in with the other IR/RF/Trigger drivers but it's not one of those.
  • If the WebRIVA client loses connection while in the background, that will cause a new session in which the server won't know it's in the bgn. So the server will start sending it drawing commands again. It needs to tell the server upon connection its fgn/bgn status as well as when that status changes.
  • Update the current WebRIVA extensions scheme to support more than one extension type, since that may be needed down the line. Pass a new exttype parameter to the web cam setup and tear down functions in WebCamSetup.js. That will be an empty string normally, but you can set it via &exttype=xxx. The xxx value will be passed in that case, so you can do one type of setup/teardown or another. You will need to update your WebCamSetup.js method to add another parameter to the two functions. Add them as the last parameter. For now you won't use them, but they may come into play later.
  • Create a new variation of the ToolBar widget, which is based on a global variable. That variable is used to set the indicate of the button that should be marked. Create an enumerated string variable, with the enumerated limit values in the same order as the toolbar buttons, and associate it with the toolbar widget. Any time the variable is set to one of the valid values, the corresponding button will be automatically marked. This is very useful when using a toolbar as a menu.
  • Do a significant reworking of the written documentation to make it more understandable and to lead new users into the product in a way that doesn't lose them (hopefully.) There is still more to be done, but it's well along now and should be much better. The content in /Big Picture was moved to a new /More Details section. The /Big Picture section was updated with really, actually big picture content, which is much more introductory and with lots of links to more info. Add a 'map' to the main, initial help page that provides the user with a basic flow of how things need to happen, again with plenty of links to more info.
  • Update the installer to start de-emphasizing the RIVA stuff, for a likely removal in the next release after 5.2. It will now indicate that they are legacy components and will, on a new system, initialize them not to be installed.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.910 is posted. This one is just a lot of written docs updates and hopefully a WebRIVA fix that will take care of it having issues reconnecting sometimes. So, if you have problems with that, give this one a try.

This is a first release candidate for 5.2. It's likely something will be found that needs to be fixed, but maybe not. Worst case it probably won't take more than another drop or two to get there. I still need to re-do some videos to reflect the changes, but otherwise it's basically ready to go.

  • Update the HTML docs to have a 'current path' indicator in the top section, below the logo. Keep it updated with the current path down through the sections. This will make it easier for folks to know where they are when they do any direct jumps to a section via a link.
  • And do a lot more improvements on the HTML docs. Hopefully they should be much more umm... help'ful than before.
  • A not good attempt to randomize the reconnection of the WebRIVA clients (to avoid overly banging on the server if it's cycled) could create a situation where it would get confused during the connection and get into a state that shouldn't be possible and never recover. See if it's not doing better now.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.911 has some small tweaks towards a release, mostly WebRIVA oriented.

  • Have the web server pause a bit when it comes up, to allow the underlying system to get up and going. Previously, this wasn't so much of an issue. But now that it is hosting WebRIVA clients, they can have issues if they connect to the web server while it's still struggling to get going. So delay the ability for the clients to connect for four or five seconds to give more time for everyhing to settle.
  • Add a new &reconnspread=x URL parameter for WebRIVA to set a spread of seconds within which the the client can randomize the reconnect time (in addition to a minimium.) This allows folks with more clients to spread out their connection to the server if is cycled and comes back up. Otherwise, the load can be excessive in some cases.
  • Add an IntfViewer::InRIVAMode() action command, to let folks possibly do something different if running in the WebRIVA client.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Some more pre-release tweaks, close to the last ones definitely.

  • Extend the 'settle time' that we added to the web server in the previous drop, to give more time for things to settle before we allow it to be beaten on.
  • Get rid of the links to individual videos in the HTML help because Youtube doesn't allow us to keep a consistent URL if a video has to be changed. So if we ever update one, we'd break the link in the help of every shipped system. Just have links to the overall playlists, which won't change.
  • The check box widget is initializing the 'state based colors' entry in the attribute editor with the wrong attribute value. It's using the bold value. Probably a cut and paste error in the pre-5.0 work that just has never been caught all this time. That means you will think you haven't set it, or that you have set it when you haven't.
  • On a fresh install, in the 'basic options' panel of the installer, default device support to enabled, since more often than not it will be desired.
  • An error in the template scaling would cause some images not to be scaled to new versions or the widgets that reference scopes of images (not specific images) to be updated to reference the new image positions.
  • Try to mitigate as best we can the fact that the fonts come out heavier in the browser than when drawn by Windows. But ultimately it doesn't seem to be possible to completely avoid it. Dark text on a light background looks about the same, whereas the other way around it comes out bolder looking sometimes.
  • Initially fill the drawing canvas with the surrounding DIV's background color so that we don't get a flash of black before the template contents starts drawing. This is noticeable if you use a lighter template background color.
  • Make sure we don't get a half line of black on the right/bottom due to the need to do a translation on the HTML canvas (to avoid anti-aliasing stupidity.) We just have to draw a line in the surrounding DIV's color to cover it up.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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