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Official 5.2 Beta Release Thread
Version 5.1.905 is posted. Mostly this is to get out a new and viable scheme for supporting various types of web cameras in WebRIVA, along with a working example for Kurento. See below for some instructions. And also a couple little fixes.

  • The V2 RCS thermostat had an assumption in the poll method that there was always at least one thermostat that had been found during the probes done in Connect. If there weren't, it would cause an index exception and would go back offline and just keep cycling. It also had an error where it was storing the value Aauto instead of Auto, which was not a valid value for the field, so that would make it fail if any thermo was in auto mode.
  • The binary text widget isn't exposing the true/false text values in the attribute editor. They never got in during the 5.0 changes and no one has noticed all this time.
  • Come up with another way to deal with web cams in WebRIVA. The new scheme retains the flexibility but avoids the issues with dynamic loading of script files. And it also provides flexibility on other fronts that may come in handy in the future.
  • Our file parsing code doesn't deal with unix-type names like ".somefile.ext" or ".somefile" or ".somedir". It come back saying no file name was found, thinking the whole thing was an extension, because it was looking specially for . and .. type values, and not correctly checking that something might come after a leading period.

So, on the WebCam stuff, once you set up Kurento, you will need to do the following:
  • Copy the bower_components directory from the Kurento server to somewhere under the HTMLRoot directory so that they are loadable by the CQC Web Server. Default is to just put them directly under HTMLRoot, but you could put them somewhere else.
  • Go to HTMLRoot/WebRIVAExt and in there you will see two files, WebCamSetup.js and WebRIVAInsert.js. The latter is to allow you to inject things into the <head> element of the WebRIVA HTML file to support things you might need. The former is called by WebRIVA to set up a video element to stream from the URL that was configured for the associated web cam widget. These initially will just be empty ones that do nothing.
  • For Kurento, copy the files in HTMLRoot/WebRVIAExt/Samples/Kurento up to the WebRIVAExt directory, overwriting the default ones.
  • Edit the WebCamSetup.js file to point it at your Kurento server. There's a variable at the top that gets set to the IP/port of the Kurento server.
  • If you didn't put bower_components in the HTMLRoot directory, edit WebRIVAInsert.js to adjust the paths in there for those files.
  • Create a test template with a web cam and set up the RTSP URL.
  • Of course all this assumes you'd done the Kurento server setup already.

* If you have installed one of the last couple beta drops, that had the earlier attempt at all of this in it, you should just delete the contents of the HTMLRoot/WebRIVAExt directory and let this installer re-populate it. Then do the above to copy up the Kurento sample files into place and edit them.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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