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Official 5.2 Beta Release Thread
Version 5.2 is released so this thread is closed and a new one will be started.


Latest Version: 5.1.912
Confidence Level: 99%
Download Link:

The subsequent posts list changes in each beta version...
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.900 is posted. This includes everything in the (so far) last non-beta 5.1.x release (which is 5.1.4) plus these new bits:

  • Currently, using the Alt-Left Click scheme to drill the selection down to widgets underneath other widgets, you can't make it down to the template, which is sort of annoying sometimes. So update it to do that.
  • The Windows RIVA client is incorrectly sending a resize event to the server as the window size is being dragged, which completely overwhelms the server for some time and makes it unresponsive. It should only send one event at the end of the size drag, or if the min/max/restored state of the window changes.
  • Add a new 'manual flick' option for overlays. If set, then it will only accept flicks, and it won't respond to them itself. Instead it will generate an OnFlick event that you can react to and do whatever you want. The direction of the flick is one of the runtime values provided, so you can react differently to each of the four flick directions.
  • Allow a double click on a widget to invoke the action editor. This is such a common thing that having a short cut available will be very efficient. You can still do it via the attribute editor of course.
  • A first preview of the new WebRIVA client.

The big item of course is the new WebRIVA client. I will make another post with some preliminary docs that will let you get started with that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.901 is posted. This is just tweaks to the WebRIVA stuff in response to testing and feedback on the first drop.

  • Change the tarPort parameter on the WebRIVA client to all lower case, tarport, to be consistent with the other options.
  • Add an option for the WebRIVA client to log debug info to the CQC log. This will make it a lot easier to deal with mobile clients. It won't help with any pre-connection issues, but for everything else it'll work.
  • Add a manifest.json file to the WebRIVA client. If you install it on the home screen and invoke it from there, this should allow it to come up full screen (on platforms that allow that), and have an appropriate title. Apparently not supported on Safari yet, but for the others it should work.
  • Have the WebRIVA client default to using the same port that was used to make the original HTTP connection to make the WebSocket connection. That way you only have to use it in special circumstances that most folks would not likely ever see.
  • When going full screen I was doing the DIV that surrounds the canvas. But that was not really appropriate. It would cause the menu screen to not track when the fullscreen mode was changed. So I changed it to use the correct HTML element.
  • The initially set 'no cache' flag doesn't get to the server until it's too late for the initial loading of the main template content. So move the setting of all of those initial flags to the message that we use to send the client's image map. The server waits for that before doing the initial load, so that lets us get it there in time.
  • Get the pixel ratio and use that to scale the view-port any time anything changes, so that we can keep it correctly displaying the content at its actual size. (This does not work on the Android phone browser when it full screen. It will always scale it to 2x, making full screen useless.) But it comes up with the minimal UI. Just reduce the height a bit to fit in that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.902 is posted. This is all just improvements in the new WebRIVA stuff. The big one here is that it now supports web cam widgets. I'll post in the preview thread in the support section with some details.

  • Add support for web camera widgets. All this does is create the video element at the place configured by the user, and sets the user's configured URL on it. It's the user's responsibility to make sure the URL points to something that can be handled by the video element. In most cases that means a WebRTC transcoding server of some sort to transcode their cameras into WebRTC format.
  • The WebRIVA client should, upon initial load, store away the CQSL logo image. If it ever loses connection, and puts up the 'connecting' screen, the image isn't going to load currently because it's trying to get it from the server. After the initial connection, if it needs to load the connecting page it should manually load the logo image from its own copy.
  • Add an option to disable our standard scaling of the content to account for the device's device pixel ratio.
  • The CAB has always had an issue where it the cover art image used in the layout would be used as the target drawing area, regardless of the AR of the thumbnails. Change the CAB to maintain the optimal aspect ratio when drawing, to fit the available drawing area's height. This allows a single layout to serve both music and movies and look good.
  • Finally figured out how to get clipping paths working, so re-implemented those. That now should correctly be dealing with clipping, without the crazy artifacts that I was getting when I first tried them, and without the complications because of other improvements made along the way.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.903 is posted. It has some more WebRIVA improvements, and some general fixes that turned out to be behind some of them.

  • Color masked image drawing was not initially implemented for the WebRIVA client, since there are so few of them used and I had to figure out how get it done. After a lot of fiddling aboot, I got that worked out.
  • When I did the last, final, ultimate clipping scenario on the WebRIVA client, I missed one scenario, where there are some commands that pass an explicit clipping area, instead of just using what is set. Those were not getting set correctly, so sometimes text wasn't being clipped as it should.
  • The preview function of the remote image browser dialog isn't working. The preview button isn't wired up to send a click so it never reacts. And, when wired up, it wasn't correctly displaying color based transparency images.
  • A number of issues with tool bars made it through the 5.x conversion. The border is being drawn using the wrong color (when in fill slots mode.) Fill slots mode doesn't work on RIVA clients. The fill slots mode option was not gotten into the attribute editor so you couldn't set it or change it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
5.1.904 is posted. This one has some general fixes, mostly for WebRIVA. It includes some initial content for supporting web cameras, but don't try it. For one there's no documentation and two it's not expected to work. It's just to get the stuff into place so that I can try it out on a real world user system and try to get one scenario working, which is the Korento WebRTC gateway server.

  • Increase the maximum refresh time for the web image widget. It was limited to 10 seconds max, so bump that up considerably for folks who want to use it for things like radar images and the like, which need more on the order of ten minutes than ten seconds generally.
  • Get some docs on the WebRIVA client into the HTML documentation. It is in the /Tools section along with all other user tools docs.
  • I added support to WebRIVA for color masked transparency images. But, the code that was converting from 24 bit to 32 bit (alpha based) format was transposing the red and blue color components, so the colors would come out wrong.
  • If manual flicks are enabled, the flick should be processed even if the content loaded into the overlay is smaller than the overlay. Normally the flicks would be ignored if it would have no effect (which normally it wouldn't if the template isn't large enough to have to scroll around.) But when doing manual flicks they are used for other things often.
  • Add made a change in a previous drop to get text clipping working right, which had gotten not quite right after the final reworking to deal with overall clipping strategy. I was setting the path, but not applying it as a clip path so it wasn't actually doing anything.
  • The WebRIVA's Tiled image drawing was offset down and right. For reasons unknown I had to add some arbitrary adjustments to the target area to make it fit correctly.
  • Add a bit of randomization to the reconnection time of the WebRIVA client so that, if the server is cycled, they won't all immediately see it come back at the same time and all hit the server simultaneously.
  • Do a first whack at web cam support for WebRIVA. It's intended to be flexible and able to handle various solutions, but this first one is an attempt to deal with Kurento's WebRTC gateway server. It won't work as is, but is just to get the bits in place to start working it out in a real system.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.905 is posted. Mostly this is to get out a new and viable scheme for supporting various types of web cameras in WebRIVA, along with a working example for Kurento. See below for some instructions. And also a couple little fixes.

  • The V2 RCS thermostat had an assumption in the poll method that there was always at least one thermostat that had been found during the probes done in Connect. If there weren't, it would cause an index exception and would go back offline and just keep cycling. It also had an error where it was storing the value Aauto instead of Auto, which was not a valid value for the field, so that would make it fail if any thermo was in auto mode.
  • The binary text widget isn't exposing the true/false text values in the attribute editor. They never got in during the 5.0 changes and no one has noticed all this time.
  • Come up with another way to deal with web cams in WebRIVA. The new scheme retains the flexibility but avoids the issues with dynamic loading of script files. And it also provides flexibility on other fronts that may come in handy in the future.
  • Our file parsing code doesn't deal with unix-type names like ".somefile.ext" or ".somefile" or ".somedir". It come back saying no file name was found, thinking the whole thing was an extension, because it was looking specially for . and .. type values, and not correctly checking that something might come after a leading period.

So, on the WebCam stuff, once you set up Kurento, you will need to do the following:
  • Copy the bower_components directory from the Kurento server to somewhere under the HTMLRoot directory so that they are loadable by the CQC Web Server. Default is to just put them directly under HTMLRoot, but you could put them somewhere else.
  • Go to HTMLRoot/WebRIVAExt and in there you will see two files, WebCamSetup.js and WebRIVAInsert.js. The latter is to allow you to inject things into the <head> element of the WebRIVA HTML file to support things you might need. The former is called by WebRIVA to set up a video element to stream from the URL that was configured for the associated web cam widget. These initially will just be empty ones that do nothing.
  • For Kurento, copy the files in HTMLRoot/WebRVIAExt/Samples/Kurento up to the WebRIVAExt directory, overwriting the default ones.
  • Edit the WebCamSetup.js file to point it at your Kurento server. There's a variable at the top that gets set to the IP/port of the Kurento server.
  • If you didn't put bower_components in the HTMLRoot directory, edit WebRIVAInsert.js to adjust the paths in there for those files.
  • Create a test template with a web cam and set up the RTSP URL.
  • Of course all this assumes you'd done the Kurento server setup already.

* If you have installed one of the last couple beta drops, that had the earlier attempt at all of this in it, you should just delete the contents of the HTMLRoot/WebRIVAExt directory and let this installer re-populate it. Then do the above to copy up the Kurento sample files into place and edit them.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.906 is posted. It has a couple small fixes but again mostly it's more attempts to get the web cam support in the new WebRIVA client going. As before currently we are trying Kurento, though it's designed to support other schemes if/when they become available.

  • There's a bug in the WebRIVA web cam support that prevents the video element from getting cleaned up, so it just hangs around sitting on top of whatever new content is beneath it.
  • The WebRIVA web cam video element isn't correctly placed and doesn't move to track the position of the widget it sits over.
  • Various tweaks to try to get the Kurento web cam support to play video.
  • The CQSL repo manager's category manager dialog isn't removing the old categories when you change media type and it loads up the new ones, so it just keeps adding to the list.
  • The template export dialog shows a monikers not found popup even if there are no monikers not found.

After you upgrade, go to HTMLRoot\WebRIVAExt and copy the files from Samples\Kurento up to the WebRIVAExt directory. Do this even if you had previously done so, to get the latest changes. Don't forget to update the WebCamSetup.js file to point to your Kurento server.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.907 is posted. It just has a few small fixes, mostly an issue with the drawing of multi-line text, where some extra spaces were getting into the text and often causing the wrapping to be different.

  • My hand-made text wrapping algorithm for the WebRIVA client is putting in a extra space sometimes, and that's throwing off alignment and line breaks relative to the Windows IV.
  • When we added support for relative template paths, we fully wired it in in the attribute editor, but not when the action editor is invoked. It was set up to do so, but it never got enabled. So you'd get an error if you tried to edit a relative template path in an action command parameter.
  • The interface editor should show the full path of the template in the info bar at the bottom, since the tab only shows the base part of the name.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.1.908 is posted. It has a bunch of smallish fixes to tighten up towards a release.

  • Split the audio input stream classes out of the speech recognition facility, where they were originally created and used, to their own audio streaming facility for various other uses in the future. Update CQC Voice to use this new facility.
  • Fix a fundamental error in CQC Voice that can happen when you ask it to reload the configuration. It can get into a state where it doesn't get its state updated to correctly match the new configuration. This change also means that the reload doesn't happen there in the context of the request, but is queued for execution. So change the msg to say it started, and then have the BT thread announce when it is ready.
  • There is an exception during CQC Voice shutdown because of something in the speech reco engine being released that was already released. Ultimately benign since it shutting down anyway, but clean it up.
  • I updated the action editor, so that it has the base template path when editing a template based action, so that it can handle relative template paths when it invokes the file selection dialog. But I missed two ways to get to that, the template actions and the hot key actions. Those dialogs need to get the template path provided to them and set it as the base path in any action editing or template selection operations.
  • If the installer's backup step fails, this is before the actual installation process starts, so it shows its own failure dialog, and that doesn't indicate where the installer log file is.
  • The tool bar's button editor dialog's Revert button got lost in the 5.x GUI conversion, so get that back.
  • The tool bar's button editor doesn't redraw the widget area when you delete a button, so you don't see that change live.
  • The user limits editor dialog (for sliders, volume knobs, etc...) didn't get the Reset button's click handler set so it doesn't do anything.
  • Almost none of the dialogs that the intf editor invokes are checking for changes on cancel and asking if it's OK to discard them. They are just silently exiting. The template actions, hot key actions, expression editor expression map editor (for mapped images), user limits editor, and the Xlats editor dialogs all need to be updated to do this. That got lost during the 5.x conversion, where they were previously just panels in a larger dialog that did that all at once.
  • One of the expression editing variants didn't get it's save/cancel button ids set to the Windows defaults during the 5.x transition so hitting escape doesn't cause it to cancel.
  • When CQC Voice responds to say it turned a light off or on, it's not using the human readable name (if available.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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