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Driver Install Loop
When attempting to install/setup the "Generic POP3 Email Driver", in CQC 5.0.7, from the CQC Admin Interface, a loop is experienced while attempting to configure the driver's options, but only if the user continues to click 'Next'. After Moniker, IP Conn, and Options 1-7, 'Next' will move you to the next selection, but Option 9 will fail to move to the Summary page, but rather moves back to the the beginning. However, the user can select the down arrow in the upper right corner, select Summary, and and able to successfully complete driver install.

Driver is version 1.7, unaltered from CQC bundled drivers.

As a side note, I thought I might be able to back door my upgrade test using CQCBulkLoader.exe, but I can't find it anymore after the upgrade. Guess I was one of the few using it Wink
Same issue also exists in the CML Driver IDE. When I attempt to edit the same driver (from above), the same issue presents itself.
Oy! I didn't think about that. The tabbed window doesn't scroll. It will let you select a new tab, which it may move to the first position if it's allowed to. But none of that should be allowed in the driver installation.

That sucks. There's nothing to be done about it for 5.1. It's way too late in the cycle to deal with something that heavy. As long as there's currently a way to get past it, then it'll have to wait for 5.2.

BTW, there are a lot of new prompt types these days. You may be able to collapse those down into one. What info are you getting in those pages?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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