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Spotify Support?

I my setup, I have a Nuvo Grand Concerto distributed audio system as my playback device.  I'd like to use Spotify as the repo and render it via my Sonos ZonePlayer.  

I couldn't find any way to do this except integrating Spotify with Plex but as it turns out, the plugin which enables this is unsupported and broken.  

Is there any clever way to get Spotify integrated in CQC?


Does the Sonos support it? BTW, streaming services wouldn't be repositories. Repos are metadata sources, not media sources. Streaming sources would have to be something altogether different, and it's not clear at this time how to generically integrate them so that they can be interchangeable in a V2 driver sort of way that would allow them to be used in stuff like the auto-generation system.

Though of course these services also provide metadata, it's not provided in a way that would make it useful as a media repo in our sense of the word. The metadata from our repos are replicated to each client via the client service, where the data is instantly available (enough so to support things like a finger flickable browser.) The metadata provided by these services would have to be done in a much less speedy way, so it would really require a separate sort of interface and separate sort of browser widget and all that. And that would require some generic interface that could be applicable to all streaming services, while still having enough functionality to be useful.

Another part of the problem is that the folks who run these services don't give a crap about smaller automation vendors like us. They never respond to our inquiries to add support to our product, or if they do it's to tell us that we aren't important enough to be considered. Presumably the same is true of other companies like us, who probably end up having to find some third party way of getting those streams supported (like the Sonos.)

BTW, we also support the Myro Air, does that guy support Spotify perhaps? You'd have to provide your own hand built interface for it, but it's a simpler streamer that provides metadata.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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