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Suggestion - Scheduled Events
On the previous version(s), the scheduled event showed us a little calendar and the time and event would run.

Is it possible to replicate this on the new version?  At least for the events that run on sunset - I'd like to see the time the event will happen, because sunset changes so rapidly here during summer, getting later and later so quickly that sometimes I wonder if the event has not fired! So it's useful to quickly take a peek and check the time.  All I'm getting is the offset - see screenshot.

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Yeh, I dropped that because it was quite confusing in a lot of ways. It meant different things for different types of events, and for most of them was actually the next time it would run.

It's too close to the release to try to do anything about that for 5.1 though. Maybe afterwards. You can always mark it to be logged when it's run so that you could check in the logs for them after the fact if you want to make sure they ran.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Just to follow up on this...

1. There was an issue where (because of the removal of the stuff mentioned above) the editor would use the next calculated time as the starting point to calculate the next start time before it saved. That would make it jump forward every time you edited it.
2. I have the installer (as of 5.0.921) making sure that problem gets undone so any such errors will get straightened out
3. I now show (for daily, week, and monthly events) the calculated next time

So hopefully this should all be better.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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