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HA switches / sensors
Hi, it seem that Z wave is not the best product to use so I guess I stay away from them as much as I can.

Here is what I want to automate for now.
Front lights, and back with motion sensors.
I would start small and go from there also the spending impact wont be so big.

I have read that Caseta wireless is great but I was not able to find sensor do they have sensors?
I was also looking at Insteon, as they seem to have almost everything but LED changing Bulbs. From sensor to chime siren.
could I mix and match sensors with light switches of different technologies/brands?

what would you guys recommend.

It looks like maybe there isn't currently a Caseta motion sensor. That's a fairly big hole in that product line. Presumably they will fill that hole, but I didn't see any discussion of when from a quick search. So I guess for now you'd have to go up to RA2 for motion sensors.

You could certainly use something else for motion sensors. CQC wouldn't care. You'd just use a driver for each. Insteon might be a reasonable option to fill in any holes in the Caseta stuff. Though it might be worth making sure Lutron isn't about to do a motion sensor any day now or something.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Oh, maybe it's a terminology thing. Look for 'caseta occupancy sensor'. Though, that turns up stuff, but it looks like it's still not stuff that works with Caseta, it's just showing occupancy sensors.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I really dont like the lutron webpage I find it so complicated.
on the other hand Insteon have a super user friendly page.

Back on track.
It seem that it would need a QS sensor module to work or maybe not.
I read someone was able to connect the Radio Powr Savr sensor to the Caseta in wall switch but only if you dont use the smart bridge.
Tell me if I am wrong but then it wont work with CQC without the hub right?

I forgot to mention I would also install a few open/close sensors.

I think in total I would use about 15-20 devices max by the time im done.
from in wall switches to contact sensors.

so do you think i should be just fine with insteon, or use the Lutron dimmers and fill in with insteon.

Yeh, if you can't associate with the hub, then CQC wouldn't ever see it. And I think that, even if you associate it with the bridge, that it's not reported via the automation interface because the Caseta firmware doesn't really deal with motion sensors.

Others here who use Insteon can kick in. I think it has some issues like any consumer level system, but from an automation system integration standpoint it's one of the better ones. It doesn't require any configuration on the CQC side because it provides information about all of the attached modules, and it reports all changes async so changes show up quickly for little overhead.

Keep in mind that, if you use Z-Wave stuff with the ISY, you don't avoid the Z-Wave shortcomings, you just add them back into the picture. So I'd stick with pure Insteon if I went that way.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
that make sense. now that I think about it. if I went that route I would probably end up with like 3 mini hubs or adapters to read each signal, clear connect, insteon, z wave.

what product hub/adapter do you recommend to use with the mini PC to communicate with the insteon.
Since insteon have almost all that I am looking for I guess I stick to that for now.
Also is the motion sensor II fully suported

CQC uses the ISY 994i to interface with the Insteon system, so if you have that guy that's all you'll need from CQC's point of view.

On the motion sensor question, I'm not sure. There are so many variations of things. Maybe someone who uses Insteon can comment. does it do something besides just report motion?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I dint know it used the ISY in that case do you know if after pairing would a IOS App for the Isy 994 like mobilinc still work and integrate with CQC.

I got confuse with the motion sensor II for a second I tough it reported Temp.
it does have a Night-Only Mode - Light sensitivity adjustment. I like this idea as some day it get darker earlier. So I assume it would ignore motion until dark not triggering CQC.
it could be set with a timer - but I am sure not needed as CQC can be setup for that.
and it seem is occupancy also, but not sure it they just mean based on the timer or actually occupancy.
I'm not sure about the first thing. I assume that the ISY can handle more than one connection at a time and it shouldn't be any issue. No one has complained about anything like that, so I'm guessing it's not an issue.

On the light sensitivity thing, that would likely be something done within the ISY itself, as to whether it would report motion or not under specific conditions. All CQC would care about is did motion get reported or not.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
good to know, about no one complaining about such case. I will report back after I get all the pieces together.

I am still hitting my head against the wall, as to what to buy.
I would like for the 4 porch light to be able to change colors, so when Christmas comes I can do the color change loop effect.
But it seem insteon dont have such led bulbs yet.

You mentioned the Z-wave shortcoming if I use that with the Isy and Insteon.
if you don't mind can you let me know more.


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