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In app help question
Liking the in app help more each day. Would really be good great to be able to search and to pull up the help within the current screen function (like  template - listbrowser)

My question is the help page says GenNthToken?  is that right or is it GetNthToken? looking to parse the first data item(number) in a string variable.

System Action Target.

GenNthToken(tosearch, sepchar, tokenindex, tarvar)
The source text to search
The separator character to use
The zero based index of the token to retrieve
The target variable to put the resulting token text into
Sometimes you may have a list of values in a string, such as a comma separated list of names or something of that nature, and you need to get a specific one out. This method will find the Nth separated token in a string, based on a given separator character (comma in the example above.)
If the token index is beyond the available tokens in the string, an error will occur. GetStrListCount will tell you how many tokens are in the source string, using the same separator character.
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It's GetNthToken. I'll fix that typo. I've been thinking about how to provide context sensitive help. I may not get there for 5.1, but should make some progress on that front before long.
Dean Roddey
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