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Polk XRT12 random disconnects - Solved
Decided to transfer my lifetime Denon XM subscription to a new/old stand alone XM receiver to be more multi zone friendly with CQC/russound.

Odd thing was a handful of times a day I would get XRT12 driver issues  that would cause the Riva clients to disconnect. finally tracked down the pattern to every time I sat on the couch to watch TV XRT12 would go offline.  After much investigation it turns out the XRT12 uses the same IR frequency as my Panasonic TV's. So everytime I hit input or power on my Tivo remote(Panasonic TV)  the XRT12 would change to channel "0" and stop responding to CQC.

Since XRT12 is controlled by CQC don't need IR. Just opened up the unit and cut the 3 leads.

[Image: 20170412_214858.jpg]

Final XRT12 XM radio screen and working good. (up down arrows font didn't show on windows screen capture)

[Image: XMscreen.png]
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