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time format in 5.0
Dean, I am troubleshooting a driver that used to work in the past, but now with the daylight change noticed an event to not work correctly.

I traced back to the following in a CML driver:

          Stamp := m_Time.GetCurStamp();
           MsgText := "CFGTIME";
This creates MsgText to be CFGTIME14895007530420000
instead of CFGTIMEyyyy,mm,dd,hh,mm
I am almost certain that this code worked in the past, not sure what changed, what I missed that the format is ignored.
Thanks, Lleo
I don't think that could have ever worked the way you were expecting. The default format only works on the time object. When you do GetCurStamp() you are getting the Card8 raw time stamp value out, so appending it to MsgText would get you the results you see. No formatting set on the time object would follow that Card8 value around.

For what you want to do, you would need to append the time object itself, which would cause it to be formatted out using the time format you have set on it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean, it makes sense, not sure how I missed it, since it compiled OK, I may have never noticed that this part was not working as intended.

For anyone stumbling on this thread:

           MsgText := "CFGTIME";

The above produces the string "CFGTIMEyyy,mm,dd,hh,mm" as expected.

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