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Need some help on last minute music setup
I've got everything back and working once again. I've given up on building a playlist for the moment. The .xml file patch thing that klindy suggested is not working (I'm doing something wrong).

So I simply copied the music overlay and renamed it xmas. I went into JRMC and created a new library that is simply the xmas music (took 10secs because they are all in one folder). Went into the drivers and added a new JRMC driver referencing the xmas library. I tried to make the new overlay reference that new xmas library. The coverart shows just fine, but when I press play it plays some random music, not that album.

Any suggestions. There are multiple ways to skin this cat. If it's easier to create a "playlist" I'll do that. I just want to make it simple so that Xmas music only is playing tomorrow.

You associate J.River with a repository. You've now created a new repository, so the cookies are being interpreted in terms of the other repository still. There is a field in Zoom now to set a new repository, so you could send that when you switch to that overlay and switch it back to the original one when you switch to the other one. However, be aware that changing the repository will stop any currently playing music and clear the list.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
perfect. I'll try that. Any idea how I set that field in Zoom?
You just send it the moniker of the repository to set. I guess I forgot to update the Zoom driver docs for that field.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Found it and got it working. Just needed to remember to set the repository back to the main library when that list is pulled up. Amazing what's buried in there.

Thanks and happy holidays. I am not tinkering any more. Need this to work tomorrow.

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