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Querying Garade Door w/ Echo
Holy crap Ron, that fixed it! 

I changed the config file to what you see below and now both of the global actions using the ISY work.  Its strange how the same actions for the GC-100 worked before. 

Thanks a lot Ron and Dean for helping me with this.  I was pretty much ready to give up!


     Volume, Music Volume, Theater Volume
     North Garage Door, North Garage   
     West Garage Door, West Garage
 West Garage Door, West Garage
    North Garage Door, North Garage
I had seen that, but in theory it shouldn't have mattered. It would have just meant that you could have seen either of the values reported, instead of just the first one. I'm guessing it's more like that there was some sort of junk content (non-printable) that had gotten into the whitespace before one of those entries, and pulling them up onto a single line got rid of it. It may have interfered with the parsing, and maybe made both lines somehow look like one line, so it would never have matched. When you created the second one, maybe you copy and pasted the first one? If so, that would have propagated that problem to the other one.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I did copy/paste the first one to make the second.  I'm glad its finally working, thanks again for your help!

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