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Multiple IV clients on the same machine
I am now using my CQC server for two displays. One directly connected to the server the other using an RDP session. Both using IV. The problem is I am also using IV control driver to do various things with one client and don't want those commands to be issued to the other. As far as I can tell there is no way to differentiate the two. 

In reality I just need to block the commands to one IV client. Is there a cmd line switch I can use?
I believe there is a command line switch to set the control port on the IV and then you would load a separate IV driver instance for each one to talk to them individually.

Unfortunately my searches aren't turning up anything.
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I couldn't find anything either and it's not /Port=XXXXX
If you remove the /Port=xxx command line option from one of them, then it should not try to open its control interface anymore. That would let the other one get it and be the only one on that host. But, that means you can't start them both from the same start menu item, since they are both either going to have it or not have it. You'd have to make a copy and remove it from one if them, and use that for the one that you don't need to remotely control.

If it has a /Binding parameter, then remove that as well.
Dean Roddey
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Yup, problem solved. I removed the /Port=XXXXX from the command line used to launch one of clients and it no longer connects to the driver.

Thanks Dean!

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