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The latest 5.x release candidate
We are up to 5.0.7 in terms of unofficial 5.x releases. There's not been anything reported or found by me in a bit here, so this seems like a good release candidate. There's been a LOT of small fixes, which do add up to be somewhat significant all told. So, if you are on one of the earlier 5.x versions, I'd appreciate it if you'd move up to 5.0.7 and let me know if you see any little things I need to fix before I make it official.

There should be no real risk moving forward, and a lot of benefits , particularly if you are on the last official 5.0.1 drop. Some of the more obvious ones are:
  • Hue driver supports scenes now
  • The text list based media browser now uses artist as the top level list for music, which lots of people had requested
  • The Elk V2 driver now supports keypad driven User Actions
  • The Echo support now allows you to have multiple Skills defined on the AWS side, each of which can be use a different security key. The key now gets passed to your action, so you can assign a different skill to each Echo and know which one sent a command. Sort of a kludge but useful for some folks.
  • Lots of small but very useful improvements in the hot key/tabbing support in the Admin Intf, and in the tabbed window control. You should be able to fully tab around through the Admin Intf now, if you are a keyboard kind of person.
  • The active tab in a tabbed window shows up in a different color when its tabbed window has input focus, so you can much more easily see where you are when tabbing around. And a few bugs related to the closing of tabs were fixed.
  • Nested tabbed windows can now be navigated by hot key. F6/F4 (next tab, close tab) work on the current tabbed window you are in. But, if that is a nested tabbed window, Ctrl-F6/F4 will allow you to still close or navigate tabs in the outer (main) tabbed window. So you can still fully navigate by hot keys if you want.
  • Some improvements in the CML text editor. Tabbing to one doesn't select all text (losing your current position), and hot keys are correctly passed to either the editor or the current bottom tab for things like search and replace.
  • Intf Editor only prevents you from saving if there are real errors, but will ignore warnings. The various reported issues were updated to be careful to only report serious ones as errors.
  • Some issues in the error list window were fixed, such as getting the correct widget selected when you select an item in the error list. And it also is loaded up upon loading the template, so that you see errors immediately, which wasn't happening before. It would only load up if you made a change that required a re-validation.

So it's worth upgrading definitely. No need to re-license since what you have will already cover it if you are on any 5.x version currently.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Upgraded yesterday, nothing so far.

I will comment that the v1 UPB driver does not do as well under 5.x as it did on 4.x. More timeouts are occurring. Neither v1 or v2 drivers properly support the I/O module, this is something that needs to be looked at.
I just upgraded. It fixed the widget states issue for me, and I haven't seen any other issues.
Anyone else give it a try? It would be nice to go ahead and get it up there, but I don't want to be precipitous.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've been using it since the weekend (my first ver 5 install). Looks good.

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