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Official 5.1 Beta Release Thread
Version 5.0.914 is posted. The big change here is a rename of CQCJarvis to CQCVoice, to avoid any potential trademark issues moving forward.

For those using CQCVoice, there are changes in how it operates now, based on feedback received so far. It now treats commands as single shot operations, i.e. doesn't enter conversation mode. If you want a conversation, use one of the wakeup phrases ("Hello [keyword]", "Wake up [keyword]", or "Help me [keyword]".) This allows for both styles of interaction, as the user desires and the same user can go both ways depending on what he or she plans to do in terms of interactions.

Also, it doesn't ask, "is there anything else?" anymore. Once you are in a conversation, on each round it will wait for about 12 seconds for a new command or query. If it doesn't get one, it just dismisses itself. This should make it a better conversationalist.

  • Add a model file to the V2 Z-Wave driver for the Aeotec DSB45 water sensor. This was just done by eye, so maybe I missed something, but it's pretty simple and should be correct.
  • In order to avoid any potential for future legal issues, change CQCJarvis to CQCVoice before it is released, since there is apparently a trademark by Marvel on Jarvis in the context of digital assistants.
  • Add playlist support to J.River, which doesn't include it in the exported XML but can export standard playlist files. You have to export the playlists to the same directory as the XML file, and it has to contain fully qualified media file paths. If there is a jpg file in that directory with the same base name as the playlist file, then that will be picked up as the cover art for the playlist.
  • Put some more verbose level logging into the web camera helper program to help diagnose issues.
  • Change CQCVoice to get rid of the 'will there be anything else?' prompt. Once in a conversation, it will just wait for 12 seconds for another command. If it doesn't get one, it will excuse itself and go back to waiting for a new conversation. This should make it more convenient to deal with.
  • Change CQCVoice so that a command doesn't enter conversation mode, it just does a one shot. If you want a conversation, use one of the wake up phrases ("Hello, [keyword]", "Help me, [keyword]", etc...)
  • When CQCVoice is speaking, we stop passing on audio input, or more to the point we just return all silence. But, there is up to a few seconds of buffering, which happens at a lower level where windows is queuing it up for us. When we re-enable audio input, some of that data may still be buffered, basically the trailing bits of what Voice was saying. That could then be sucked up and look like part of your next response and cause issues. So we now flush all those low level buffers at the point that input is re-enabled.
  • Improve the logging in the new Denon 'universal' driver wrt to timeouts. Indicate what it was we timed out waiting for, in order to provide better in the field diagnosis of issues.
  • Have the web cam widget periodically recycle the helper. Digital media playback is such a flakey thing that letting them run too long is just tempting fate, and increases the chance that one will get some sort of system error and require manual shutdown. So every two hours of continuous running, cycle the helper. It'll come back wihtin five seconds or so.
  • Make sure template caching is disabled in the admin interface, where that can cause issues if you, say, make changes on one machine but run a scaling or auto-gen operation on another. The second one could use locally cached templates if it has previously accessed them not so long ago.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.915 is posted. This one has a bunch more documentation work, trying to bang away to a point that's acceptable for a 5.1 release. And it has some extra logging for the new web camera widget's helper process to help diagnose issues. And it has a nice new documentation feature, in that you can hit F1 in the action editor and it will bring up the help for the highlighted command, if one is highlighted.

  • The media repo device class help file is named incorrectly, so the links to it from the drivers that implement that device class don't load the requested page.
  • The media repo device class supports a number of very useful backdoor commands, which are therefore supported by all media repos, but these have never been well documented. Get the media repo device class updated to document these.
  • More logging was added to the Denon 'universal' driver, to log what it was waiting for if a timeout occurs, but there were two places where that could occur and only one was being handled. So cover the other one.
  • Add some verbose mode logging to the the web cam helper. For instance log what port it ultimately ended up listening on, to help with in the field diagnosis of issues. Each one picks a port to use (or lets the system pick an unused one) and reports that back to the IV that spawned it, so that we can have an arbitrary number of them without having to get into messy management of ports. And also log information about new msgs from the IV showing up so we can know for sure if they are.
  • Do a bunch more documentation work to try to slog through the remaining conversions and get new stuff done towards a 5.1 release. Get more drivers done, and add more to the /Tools section in particular.
  • Update our monitor enumeration stuff to provide both physical monitor resolution and the available area, and update the little EnumMons program to show both.
  • Have the IV set 'top most' style when it goes full screen, and also do a doubly async redraw after going full screen to make sure we get redrawn after everything is completed.
  • Add support for 'bookmarks' to our new help system. They aren't HTML type bookmarks, which won't work for our needs, but our own version of that. This allows us now to invoke a help page and move to a specific thing within it (where that information is generated by our help compiler, currently for action command targets.)
  • Use the above so that you can now hit F1 in the action editor and it will look at what command is highlighted in the command list and open up the correct target file and scroll the help text for the selected command so that it's visible. We can do this some more moving forward but this is probably the place where it will be most helpful.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 4.0.916 is posted. Just a couple small fixes and some extra debugging stuff. If you are having issues with the IV going full screen give this guy a try. Recent changes in Windows seemed to render our previous full screen strategy unreliable.

  • We changed the working directory for the CQC Command Prompt to be the user app data. But that directory was being queried at install time and set into the short cut. That meant that it wasn't adapting to a different use logging in. It would always try to go to the app data directory of the user who installed CQC. So change it to use the %appdata% token, which should expand to the correct directory for the current user.
  • Hack some conditional debug code into the speech recognition engine that will write out the incoming audio (at the level that Voice hears it, so after any muting of input during TTS) to a WAV file. This will help debug issues by allowing us to play back the audio file and hear what is happening. For my own testing, it is exactly what would be expected.
  • Change the 'full screen' strategy since the most recent versions of Windows seem to be interfering with the current scheme. So we no longer actually maximize the window. We just remember the current size and then set our size to the full area of the monitor. Upont exit, we restore the previous size. This should avoid the issue.
  • Add some debug mode logging to the web camera widget to help diagnose issues in the field.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Veriosn 5.0.917 is released. Mostly pre-release tweaks, but also a new driver for the Venstar ColorTouch and Voyager thermostats.

  • Add a driver for the Venstar ColorTouch/Voyager thermostats. It will only work with thermos that have both heat and cool set points.
  • For further attempts to always insure that the IV goes over the task bar when going full screen, have it set the 'popup' window style when it goes full screen.
  • When the web cam helper receives a close command, it should hide itself immediately, and then exit the message loop to start cleanup. The later will happen async and can be slow sometimes if the VLC engine is being piggy. Hiding the window makes it apparently be gone much quicker.
  • Though the camera widget helper always covers the widget itself, during startup it may take it a little bit to come up, so expose the background fill so that they can fill the widget area with something that better matches the overall cover of the background.
  • There are still some attributes on the web camera and web widget being displayed that they don't support, so remove those.
  • Update the new camera widget to allow for setting of a new URL, via a SetURL() command. We'll want to just kill the helper process and create a new one, to be safe. It also allows new parameters to be passed as well. It's a wee bit slow, since it both recycles the helper and the VLC engine has to get back in sync with the new video stream.
  • The web browser widget's URL attribute should allow for editing via the popup editor to make it easier to edit long URLs.
  • And a little more verbose logging for the web cam widget to help diagnose issues.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.918 is posted. This one adds support to the Hue driver for color temp tunable lights. And it includes a few more fixes towards a release.

  • The action editor's parameter value selection buttons should be disabled if there's no command selected. It does this if you delete any existing command, but not upon first entering the empty dialog.
  • The thread that waits for incoming event triggers and queues them up for the application to process them is not protecting itself again exceptions. If one occurs, it will leak out of the thread and cause an error in the application. The most likely scenario is something sending out data on the CQC event port, or possibly some very old and new version of CQC on the same network, where the event data format may have changed.
  • Add support to the Philips Hue driver for color temp lights. They support off/on, brightness, and color temperature.
  • Back when the web browser widget moved to using the external helper, a special call was added to notify widgets when the parent window moved on the screen, so that they can update the position of any external helper to track it. But, the container class (from which overlays and templates derive) was not overridding this method and passing it on to its own children. So only widgets directly within the template itself would see this change. Any web browser or web cam widget nested down in an overlay would not move when the IV window was moved. They would adjust if the size of the window changed, since that is handled via the standard 'area changed' call.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.919 is posted. It's just a few small pre-release fixes/changes, and a bunch of new documentation stuff.

I noticed, while doing some other things, that the V2 VRCOP driver's handling of auto-config (using the auto-config button on the client interface) wasn't working, which might 'splain various complications some folks have seen. Getting the modules set up correctly is important. The commands would never be sent (or queued up for battery powered ones), so they'd never get sent to the device.

  • The message that the installer shows you if it fails, as to where the log file is, is wrong because it includes the name of one of the files in the path it's telling you to look in to find that file (or others.)
  • When we moved to the new server, MIME types were not added to ISS for our image, macro, template packs and IR models, so you can't download them from the Files area.
  • The Up link in the HTML help isn't really doing the right thing. It works ok locally just by accident, but not on the web site. Still need to upload these changes.
  • We've not dealt yet with the downloadable files from the web site, wrt to the new help format. We need to get pages in place to access those. For now the image packs and IR models are done.
  • The info about auto-login and kiosk mode sort of got lost in the move to the new documentation, so get that back in there. It's in the Tools -> Interface Viewer section, since it's related to how the IV is used.
  • Add the 'notification sensor' generic device type to the list of devices we scan for. The new eco tilt that we added a file for back a bit is of that sort, and wasn't being picked up because we assumed it was just a standard binary sensor type.
  • The Z-Wave V2 client driver interface doesn't sort correctly on the unit id column if you have enough modules to get up into the two digits, because the sorting is done at the text level based on the column text. So make sure all single digit ids have a leading zero, to make it all work out correctly.
  • The V2 Z-Wave driver's auto-config was broken because it was rejecting any attempt to send the auto-config due to an incorrect check of the module's readiness to accept it.
  • Simplify the pool manager and the RIVA server's buffer manager plugin, so that it reuses buffers more often, even if it needs to reallocate more, in order to keep the memory usage lower, and the number of buffers allocated a lot smaller.
  • Add some new statistics values to the RIVA server to help track issues with buffer usage.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.920 is posted. Just some small pre-release fixes.

  • We update the Z-Wave device type enum to include the new 'notification sensor' type, but failed to re-compile the device info files, so the data wasn't correctly updated and so it wouldn't find any available types that match the make/type of any modules that use this type (currently just the EcoTilt sensor.)
  • The driver info dialog is incorrectly just formatting out the raw enum value for the stop bits, which won't work in that case, becasue the values are really 1, 1.5, and 2. We can't just add one either in this case.
  • When the user does a reconfigure on a driver, force off the paused state in the copy of the config that we pass to the driver wizard. IF the user ends up committing, then that will leave the stored driver config in the correct un-paused state because the driver is going to start running when it gets the subsequent reconfiguration request.
  • When the field trigger editor dialog comes up, it adds one too many to the statement type combo box index, so the selected statement type creeps up every time you edit it. It is stored correctly, but creeps up each time you open up the dialog again.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.921 is posted. This guy has some more RIVA server tweaks, and fixes for scheduled events to undo an issue that happened during the 5.x GUI conversion and no one noticed until a little while back.

The scheduled events tab would use the next run time as the value to calculate the next run time. So every time you edited it, it would push weekly, daily, and monthly type events out to the next possible time and the next possible time and so on. So they would appear to not be working because the next scheduled time was out some days or weeks or months ahead.

That's been fixed and the installer will make sure that they are reset to the actual next possible time after the current time, which is how they are supposed to be calculated. So they should all be good after this. It also now shows the calculated next time in the editor tab as well, to help folks be sure of these things. It's not a live time, so if the even happens while you have the tab open it will not automatically update. It just shows the next time as it was set when the event was opened for editing, and it will update if you make changes and save.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 5.0.922 is posted. This one has some very last changes prior to the 5.1 release. The changes are:

  • A bit of a breakthrough on the RIVA server, wrt to how it prioritizes the processing of incomng and outgoing data, and the efficiency thereof. It could have, in the past, gotten itself hung up sort short periods of time, which could let buffers backup and slow down responsiveness.
  • The Ecolink Tilt sensor added to the Z-Wave VRC0P driver a couple drops back was done by eye and not quite right. I forgot to include the binary sensor class, so it didn't create any fields. It's now working correctly.
  • Add support for the Ecolink Door/Window sensor to the Z-Wave Leviton VRC0P driver.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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