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Vizio Sound bar control via IP???
I found this post on AVS, looks like it might be possible to control Vizio Sound Bars (I just installed a SB4051-D5) via IP What would I need to use to test this out? How hard would it be to develop a driver for this? Looks like a hack job as there is no published documentation. (yes it can be controlled via IR but where's the sport in that plus power is not discrete, it's a toggle, eeek!)

From AVS

Quote:Maybe of interest, but ports 9000 (SSL/HTTPS) and 9001 (HTTP) are hosting Django web services in debug mode, meaning they return a list of all potential URL patterns. This appears to be how the viziosmartcast app changes settings/volume/etc.

I haven't wiresharked any of the commands being sent by the app, but I'll dump out the URL patterns accepted for reference:

Using the URLconf defined in REST.urls, Django tried these URL patterns, in this order:

If you go to http://<soundbar ip>:9001/restlog or /version you hit passive services that you can easily get JSON data back from. Probably can be torn apart to create URLs to hit for IFTTT or Tasker. Those appear to be the only interesting ports. 10001 is open (along with 8008/8009 for google cast) but I'm not sure what it does.
The first thing would be to just use a browser to really get the details of the URLs worked out and make sure they all work as advertised, see what comes back, make sure outgoing commands work, what they return in the way of status (for good and bad commands), etc...
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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