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Multi media solutions.
So I'm looking for low power low cost clients that work with CQC to play audio. I have a sonos, but not interested in spending that much again. Not interested in deploying more PC's.

I'm thinking (dangerous) that there are a lot of low cost low power linux systems out there that support audio connections. The odroid c2 and raspberry pi come to mind. So is there a headless client out there - preferably open source- that can run on some flavor of linux and can interface with CQC.

The Odroid C2 and RP are in the $50 region with all the packaging, and draw about 6 watts!
look for the Logitech thingy - squeezeserver, i think it was called.

there is a CQC driver, and headless clients that can run on rPis. it can integrate your local media repository, spotify, pandora, other internet stations, etc ...

i last fooled around with it about a year ago, and as of then the server and clients were still being actively updated (Logitech has long since canned it).

you might also get lucky on eBay/Craigslist and snag some of the older hardware, too.
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Thanks - I'll try that.
Logitech Media Server (LMS) solution will depend on how much spare support time you have on your hands, whether you want "whole house audio" features and what content you want to stream; Google Play is a hack but requires Linux, SiriusXM is no go. I was running LMS up until Nov of 2015, abandon due to high support overhead. It ended up being a hackenstein with a low enough reliability factor that it was significantly irritating my wife (and me.)

Over the course of 4 years... I started out with LMS on Windows, then went to a Pi 2 as the server (for Google Play) but overwhelmed it's capability so I spun up an instance of ubuntu in a VM to run LMS.

Server portion was stable, reliability of Pi clients and/or PC based "SoftSqueeze" were problematic. I had Pi or USB sound cards (driven by SoftSqueeze) hooked to amps throughout the house. Pi required the addition of a small USB DAC sound card as audio out was horrible. Multi room sync was not perfect, had enough delay between family room and deck speakers for example that you could hear the difference. (that's a pretty significant sync issue) Also had intermittent issues with the CQC driver not connecting / reconnecting to the Pi instances without recycling the Pi.

We dropped the coin and went the Sonos route, wherever we had a Pi or softsqueeze we now have a Sonos Connect driving the same amps as with LMS but it now just works and the wife is very happy. Didn't do it all at once, just adding our last Connect this coming weekend. The one exception is we did splurge on a Sonos 5 for our main room, it replaced a pair of PC speakers and subwoofer. We also now have one Sonos 1 that we use as a "portable" speaker.

tldr; (my experience)

LMS = mostly works but requires fairly routine care and feeding, could be a time suck, multiroom audio sync is not the best, potential CQC driver dropouts

Sonos = It just works, always

In the end you have to decide what your time is worth. I spent way too much time fighting keeping LMS working for whole house audio and not listening to music and not on other projects so I abandon. I was very much like you in that I didn't want to spend the $$$ on a whole house audio solution, fought it for years, now we just listen to music when and where we want. Not trying to be negative on this, just sharing our experiences with the solution and YMMV.
Thanks for the heads up. I may go the same route. I have a buddy that works for google that gets 30% off Smile The sonos I have works great. I have a friend that like you has a ton of them.
Seriously consider Sonos. Best Buy will have them on Black Friday sale, so you can get a Play:1 for $150 which is easy to justify.

Sonos works great with the Harmony Hub activities and will soon natively integrate with Alexa.
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I can't say enough good things about Sonos. Just works, and is fairly reliable. My only gripe would be that they dropped support for the Hype Machine service. However Sonos now supports PLEX!!

Which brings me to my new found love, PLEX! In fact I love Plex so much that now I use it as my main audio player for my CarPC setup. Simply awesome.

Plex with MyMovies for BluRay archiving is a dream come true. Completely automated, fully integrated, simple to use, Just works! Light years ahead of any of the previous options.

That is all.. Confusedhock:
Meaning using MyMovies to rip BluRays?
Dean Roddey
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That's what I do.
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I love Plex! It's so far better than any media product I've used. As said, great for audio and video. Audio features great! I think it should be the product CQC puts he most effort into supporting. Currently CQC doesn't support audio from Plex, and lots of the Plex players seem incompatible with CQC - Tivo and IOS for instance.

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