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5.0 Followup Releases
Mark pointed out that 5.0.8 isn't really a beta, so I removed it from the beta threads and am posting it here. It's really just 5.0.7 with a few changes and completely stable. The HTML client stuff isn't affecting the product stability at all, so while I can still keep one code base I will do that. And it's not likely to be a stability issue until well into it, if even then.


Version 5.0.8 is posted. This is the first 'beta'. It's actually completely solid since it's really just 5.0.7 with a few small fixes. Mostly it is is here to provide a first early preview of the new room config based HTML client. Since that is likely to be a fairly significant discussion in and of itself, at least in the early days, I've created a separate discussion thread for that. Later, when it's more settled, we can move the discussion into the mainstream official 5.1 beta discussion thread.

  • There's an infinite loop in the CML editor's breakpoint code, which can lock up the IDE if there's a break point that has ended up not on an actual line.
  • The Logitech folks change the way authorization works on the Harmony Hub, but there's a way to get around it, so implement that so that the driver will work again.
  • The JVC-RSn driver was previously updated, but the manifest file wasn't properly updated so it looked like it was still the previous version.
  • The driver wizard lost, in the conversion to 5.x, the checking of monikers to make sure that they are valid, so you can create one with a space in it, which will cause failures later in various scenarios.
  • Put out a first early preview of the new room config based HTML client. It just handles weather and lights so far. It is a licensed component so you'll have to get an updated license.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've just uploaded a 5.0.9 version that has the latest small fixes that have been reported. Some of these might be something that would affect you, so you can upgrade if so. This isn't an official drop, so I put it in the Beta area.

If you are using text to speech, then you will have to deal with some small changes from 5.0.9 and beyond. See this thread:

  • The Marantz 8801 driver has an issue in the Connect method. It just blindly returns LostConnection if it gets an exception. But, it should be checking the connected state of the socket and returning LostCommRes if the socket gets disconnected. But, even after making that change, the socket still shows up connected on our side sometimes, though the other side just dropped it. So, we need to just return LostComRes, period, so that it will recover if it has a temporary loss of connection. Some wierd socketry is going on there, since I would think it should show up disconnected.
  • Do a simple variation of the 8801 driver to cover the 7702mkII Marantz model. It's pretty much the same, just some different inputs. Pretty soon the issue of creating a base driver framework class for Denon, Marantz, etc... needs to be tackled, so that each new one can be easily created with minimal effort and redundancy.
  • The numeric text interface widget is incorrectly placing its decimal digits value into the field width attribute. So when you select on, you see the wrong field width (if the two are not the same and usually they are not.) The widget is still correct, but the value displayed is incorrect.
  • There were a couple interacting bugs introduced to the progress bar configuration during the 5.x work. This will cause the Admin Intf. to fall over if you change the orientation of the progress bar.
  • The in place editor's validation code for enumerated types is not pushing the new value into the attribute object before passing it to the enum value testing method. So, if you type one in manually, it will just go back to the previous value because it thinks that's what you typed in.
  • Check boxes now correctly respond to wrap/nowrap and appropriately justify the text depending on wrap and layout settings.
  • In the single target version of the browser tree window, the one that's used when you are going to open a specific type of file, it shouldn't allow a popup menu if the current user is less than a power user. Really it only affects Normal type users, since limited users can't open a new template anyway, but it shouldn't allow Normal users to rename, delete, etc... files.
  • Mention in the docs that you can only drag and drop BMP, PNG, and JPEG files onto the Admin Intf's browser tree.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean your link points to 5_0_1 not 5_0_9 which is the correct file?
Oops, this guy uses a visual editor by default and I missed that I was only changing the displayed URL, not the actual one. I updated it to 5.0.9.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Getting a file not found error when I click on the link
OK, a day will come when I get this link right. I've been training for it, I'm prepared for it, my mental attitude is 100%. I have full and complete confidence that I will get this link right. I am the greatest link-maker the world has ever seen. That's right. The greatest link-maker the word has EVER seen.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
LOL, thanks Dean, it worked you can start rebuilding your pride now... :-D
Oops, you probably shouldn't use 5.0.9 if you are doing Text to Speech stuff. I have been updating some SDKs to get more up to date, and that seems to have affected TTS. There are probably some runtime libraries I need to include that I'm not. I will look into this.

OK, the TTS issues are worked out, though you will have to install a couple new bits from Microsoft. I've posted a new sticky thread in this section to show you what needs to be done.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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