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Tip o' the day - Using the template notes
If you use popups in any sort of dynamic way, i.e. reusable ones for displaying information or ones design to get information from the user, one of the issues you may have is remembering what parameters it wants and what information it returns and how. Particularly once you get a good number of them, it can become difficult to remember these things.

But, if you fill in the Notes attribute of the template, you can access that from the action editor when you are editing an InvokePopup/InvokePopout command. So if you document the inputs and outputs of the popup in the notes, you can get to that easily as a cheat sheet when you are invoking the template as a popup.

For instance, here I'm invoking a popup in the action editor. I'm not sure what the parameters are, so I hit the helper button for the Parameters parameter, and I get this:

[Image: PopupTemplateNotes.jpg]

because I entered that text in the notes field for the Yes/No template I'm popping up. So, anyhoo, this can be a big time saver, so make good use of it if you are doing many popups.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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