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Porting Auto-Gen Music Templates to Existing System
I'm working on a preliminary variation of that. Right now I have a button approach modeled heavily on gacevich templates [url=][/url] so I could just move the content of each button to a tile.

For now, though, I have simply created an empty "My Main" template to mirror the auto generated empty Main template. At this point, it has two command buttons for loading overlays--one loads my "old" existing master overlay template and the other loads the "Overlay_Main" auto-generated template that then loads the tiles template. That seems to give me the functionality I want (old non music stuff and your music tiles), but I need to play around with placement of buttons for a uniform look. I also need to change all the popup action buttons and use actual paths since ".\\Popup\\Popup_xxx" path no longer works but the desired scrolling does.

But I do like the tiles approach so maybe it is time to move it all.

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Porting Auto-Gen Music Templates to Existing System - by TurboSam - 08-31-2016, 01:08 PM

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