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other odd uses for CQC / manage backups?
The unraid forums talk about auto backup between unraid machines. Check the forums. Its been done and is easy from what I read.

A bios usually has the ability to wake a PC on a schedule so you could use this as an option to wake the PC.

You could also do a hard shutdown and have the power turned off completely. Use a controllable outlet to turn the power back on and then the bios is configured to power on on power return (we do this for all our servers). Auto run the back up and then issue a shutdown command. Have CQC ping the server and when the ping returns nothing shut off the power completely.

This method has the box ready for removal instantly should you need to exit because of a fire etc.

If you want CQC to do it then use robocopy from MS and have it only do files that have changed. Build the command line up and then CQC can execute that easily. CQC can also be checking for the server automatically on the network and when seen it can then launch the backup script. Once robocopy returns that it is complete CQC can then issue a shutdown command to the server (telnet etc).
Mykel Koblenz
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other odd uses for CQC / manage backups? - by znelbok - 08-22-2016, 03:26 PM

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