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Tray Monitor hangs/crashes out of sleep mode
Dean: This is a very old issue that occurs from time to time on a Win 7 machine (CQC 4.8.0) that I use as my movie viewing PC with the XBMC driver (now on Kodi build). Itunes was not installed in the tray application install screen, as I'm just using XBMC at this time. I have this machine go to sleep when not in use as it supports a FlexRaid server with around 12 TB of storage, so don't want the drives running when not in use.

Probably around 20% of the time it comes out of sleep mode (WOL command) with the symptom that the Tray Mon is an active process but is hung up or non functional with regard to the XBMC driver. When I go to the Admin Interface and try reconfiguring the XBMC driver, it shows the Tray Monitor on the machine, but hangs at waiting for comm resource. This occurs with and without XBMC running before sleep mode kicks in.

The most recent instance (log entry below), is that the Tray Monitor goes offline and disappears from the task bar. Typically I need to end the process and start the Tray Monitor up manually from the program menu. Restarting the process does nothing. I had the Tray App in verbose mode, so if there are logs elsewhere to reference other than the main logs let me know.

I would love to track this down as it's annoying as hell...I'll keep the machine in this state if that might help track down the issue.

Next steps?

Here's the most recent log entry:

01/17 08:48:34-zotac, CQCServer, CQCDrv_XBMCThread26
CQCKit, MEng.System.CQC.Runtime.CQCLogger.128, Status/App Status
Connect: Exception - An unknown exception recieved from server object
01/17 08:48:34-CQC-HTPC, CQCTrayMon, CIDOrbSrvWorkThread_3
CIDOrb, CIDOrb_ThisFacility.cpp.552, Failed/Unknown, Error: 6502/0/0
An unknown exception recieved from server object
<CQCServer> CQCKit_AppCtrlClientProxy.cpp - 585

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Tray Monitor hangs/crashes out of sleep mode - by Bugman - 01-17-2016, 06:31 AM

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